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In Photos: What are the Flowers?

In Photos: What are the Flowers?
Photo by Hally Zhou

Hally Zhou

Co-Photo Editor

Rains and storms brought flowers to Isla Vista: can you name them?

(Photos shot on Mamiya RB67, Mamiya 140mm f/4.5 Sekor Macro C Lens, Instax Square Film)

Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (Tunbridge filmy fern) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Vitex rotundifolia (Beach Vitex) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Tibouchina urvilleana – Photo by Hally Zhou
Pyrus (Pear) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Thymus – Photo taken by Hally Zhou
Dimorphotheca fruticosa (White daisy bush) – Photo by Hally Zhou
Cotoneaster pannosus (Silverleaf cotoneaster) – Photo by Hally Zhou

Peer-review comments from ChatGPT: Is it possible that Hally found these plants in Santa Barbara?

“It is possible that you found some of these plants in Santa Barbara, California. The region has a Mediterranean climate, which supports a diverse range of plant species. Here’s a breakdown of the plants you listed and their likelihood of being found in Santa Barbara:

  1. Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine) – Native to the southeastern United States, it may be found in some gardens in Santa Barbara but would not be a common sight.
  2. Hymenophyllum tunbrigense (Tunbridge filmy fern) – Native to the United Kingdom and western Europe, it is unlikely that you found this fern in Santa Barbara.
  3. Vitex rotundifolia (Beach Vitex) – Native to coastal regions in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, this plant could be found in coastal areas of Santa Barbara.
  4. Tibouchina urvilleana – Native to Brazil, it is possible that you could find this plant in Santa Barbara as an ornamental plant in gardens.
  5. Pyrus (Pear) – Various species of pear trees can be found in California, including Santa Barbara, both as cultivated fruit trees and ornamental plants.
  6. Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree) – Native to the Mediterranean region, this plant is well-suited to the climate in Santa Barbara and can be found there.
  7. Thymus – Several species of thyme are common in California and can be found in Santa Barbara as garden plants or in natural areas.
  8. Dimorphotheca fruticosa (White daisy bush) – Native to South Africa, it can be found in Santa Barbara as an ornamental plant.
  9. Cotoneaster pannosus (Silverleaf cotoneaster) – Native to China, it is commonly used as an ornamental plant and ground cover in Santa Barbara and other parts of California.

Keep in mind that while some of these plants may not be native to the area, they could still be found in gardens or cultivated landscapes in Santa Barbara.“

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