Zodiac Signs as Weekend Activities in Santa Barbara

Illustrated by Diane Kim

Hannah Adams

Opinions Editor

As we settle into the fall quarter, some of us may be looking for fun ways to spend the weekend. Whether you’re an Isla Vista local or a first-year here at UC Santa Barbara, The Bottom Line has compiled a list of weekend activity recommendations based on the zodiac signs and their personalities — check out your activity below. 

Aries — Playing a Game of Slam Ball

Bursting with energy, an Aries needs a weekend activity that serves as an outlet that combines fun with competition. What better way to let loose than to head outside and play a game of slam ball? Considered a very popular game around campus, feel free to indulge in your competitive nature and meet new friends this weekend with this thrilling game. 

Taurus — Visiting Downtown Santa Barbara Museums

Tauruses are not vain, however, they do have a taste for the finer things in life. Given the various museums in downtown Santa Barbara, an ideal activity for a Taurus would be taking the weekend to explore museums that boast thought-provoking art and beautiful history. As long as they have time to walk at their own pace, they’ll feel at peace amongst the rich and colorful culture that the downtown scene has to offer. 

Gemini — Watching a UCSB Theater & Dance Production

While catching a show may not be one’s usual cup of tea, for a Gemini, it’s a perfect activity because our school’s theater and dance productions offer versatile entertainment. Whether you’re craving comedy or something moody, check the calendar for this weekend’s showings — you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with a new pastime. 

Cancer — Picnic with Friends at Lagoon Lawn 

Cancers are usually portrayed as hyper-emotional homebodies, but they’re actually just as “at home” amongst their closest friends in social settings. Spending a warm sunny day at Lagoon Lawn with a picnic and friends is perfect for Cancers, as it is a fun way to get outside without being overwhelmed by crowds. 

Leo — Spa Day 

As a Leo, you may have a reputation amongst family and friends as being self-involved. Truth is, Leos require a little bit more pampering than the other signs — and there’s no reason to hide it!

A nice spa-day at home, featuring face masks, bubble baths, and mani-pedis is your most fitting weekend activity. Who knows, maybe even a trip to Little Rainbow Foot Spa could do the trick. Someone as amazing as you deserves some quality “me time”. 

Virgo — Reading at the Beach

Studious, organized, and critical, Virgos enjoy activities that are work-oriented even on their days off. If you’re looking for a way to switch things up, why don’t you take your favorite book (textbook or novel, we don’t discriminate here) to one of our local beaches? You can annotate and rejuvenate all at once — talk about efficiency!

Libra — Hiking on the Bluffs

A recurring quest in a Libra’s life is to find balance, either within themselves or in the world around them. That’s not to say that they’re broody romantics; they love to express their bubbly personalities among friends. Taking a hike on the bluffs with a buddy will satisfy a Libra’s needs for peace and exploration all within a weekend. 

Scorpio — Having a Night in with Close Friends

Cool, mysterious, and alluring, Scorpios are always the talk around campus, from going to class or partying somewhere in Del Playa. Despite the stereotype of being frequent partygoers, Scorpios actually value a sense of privacy more than any of the other signs. A night in with friends is the best way for a Scorpio to practice self-care, allowing them to take a break from the world around them. 

Sagittarius — Taking a Day Trip

Solvang, Downtown Santa Barbara, Oxnard outlets — all of these enticing destinations are perfect to fulfill a Sagittarius’s need to see the world around them. Driven by an adventurous spirit, taking a day trip out of the blue is a weekend activity that’s sure to please their spontaneity. 

Capricorn — Going to Downtown Santa Barbara’s Farmers Market

As mundane as this weekend activity may seem, there’s nothing that a Capricorn loves more than a sense of accomplishment. Running errands with no time constraint from school is the perfect weekend activity; combining that with Santa Barbara’s local produce, a Capricorn would be more than content spending a day checking off items from their weekly grocery list. 

Aquarius — Thrifting at Little Acorn Park

Defined by an eccentric personality, it’s only fitting that an Aquarius has a closet that matches who they are. What better place to find unique clothing than at Isla Vista’s Little Acorn Park? Spending a day searching for the perfect, one-of-a-kind article of clothing is an Aquarius’s favorite kind of activity. 

Pisces — Hosting a Themed Party

Perhaps one of the most socially oriented signs, a Pisces would love to spend a weekend with friends. Throwing a themed party is a perfect way for a Pisces to indulge their hostess-with-the-mostest nature, all the while giving their friends an equal opportunity to enjoy themselves.