What is Your Energy Drink Based on Your Sign? – Finals Edition

Illustrated by Diane Kim

Hannah Adams

Opinions Editor

With finals week approaching, many of us are running to The Arbor to grab our favorite caffeinated drinks and study snacks. Feel like switching it up but don’t know which energy drink would best fit you? This finals week, here are some recommendations  to try that aligns with your energy and personality based on your zodiac sign! 

Aries — Red Bull 

Bold, ambitious, and a little chaotic — it’s only fitting to give Aries a drink that’ll match their energy. When it comes to powering through finals, leg day, or any challenge that’s thrown their way, Aries will shotgun a Red Bull and carry on with little hesitation and no questions asked. 

Taurus — Venti Iced Chai Latte with Vanilla-Matcha Cold Foam 

Complicated order? Definitely. But when it comes to self-care, Tauruses will never sell themselves short of the pampering they deserve. As for how much energy that drink has…well, let’s just say it’s enough to power them through their 12 a.m. hustle (and make up for an actual self-care routine). 

Gemini — Monster

Geminis are commonly misinterpreted to be two-faced. But in reality, despite being characterized as monsters (pun intended), Geminis embody a wide array of redeeming qualities. The quick-witted social butterflies of the Zodiac, these students need a high-energy drink like Monsters to juggle finals on top of a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friends. 

Cancer — Grande Caramel Frappuccino

Although it may be more cream than caffeine, a caramel frappé is a Cancer’s number-one source of energy, acting more as a kind hug than a harsh wake-up call. As the sign who is the most in touch with their emotions, Cancers are big-time softies who respond well to encouragement — be it verbal affirmation or caramel drizzle — to help power through their endeavors. 

Leo — Reign 

As zodiac royalty, Leos deserve an energy drink that matches their ego… I mean regality. Reign is packed with one of the highest caffeine concentrations out of any other listed energy drink, providing these kings, queens, and other royalties with the ample energy to run the world. With this sign and their Reign at the center of attention, it’s a he-LEO-centric world, and we’re just living in it. 

Virgo — Iced Americano with 14 shots of Espresso

Busy, busy bees!  Virgos live off espresso shots to fuel their 24/7 hustle. This practical drink is perfect for when they’re re-teaching themselves the whole course or making an excessive amount of Quizlets. No one has a better game plan than a Virgo, but their subtlety also matches the energy of this more simple caffeine boost. 

Libra — Alani Nu

Cheerful and bubbly both inside and out, Alani Nus are Libras’ go-to energy drinks when finding the best of both worlds. To study or to sleep? Charming but frank, maintaining equilibrium in their lives is a draining task for Libras, one that calls for a pick-me-up to help them throughout the trials of finals week. 

Scorpio — Bang

Containing 300 milligrams of caffeine per can, Bang is the perfect source of energy for a Scorpio’s intense drive to succeed. Often perceived as moody and distant, Scorpios simply don’t have time for nonsense or insincerity, choosing instead to focus their energy on themselves and those close to them.

Sagittarius — GFuel

GFuel has a reputation for being somewhat of a meme amongst the Esports community, just as Sagittariuses are the memes of the zodiac signs. Equipped with sass, savagery, and sarcasm, GFuel is the perfect drink to fuel their eccentric personalities, a truly electric combination. 

Capricorn — Yerba Mate

Boasting smooth, clean energy that’ll last all day without a crash, Yerba Mate is a match made in heaven for the steady work pace of Capricorns. Time is an invaluable commodity to these patient and persevering earth signs, and what better way to grind through it than with this organic tea drink?

Aquarius — Celsius

When it comes to progressive thinking, Aquariuses are the most innovative of the zodiac and constantly on a quest for new ideas that demand constant fuel. With a boost from the increasingly popular Celsius and its performance-enhancing ingredients, Aquariuses have the energy they need to maintain their intellectual curiosity. 

Pisces — C4

Open-minded and idealistic, Pisces lean towards optimism even in the direst of circumstances. C4 is a Pisces’s best friend when it comes to helping them manifest the bright side of any situation, from fitting in with a big group to overcoming emotional turmoil. 

Ophiuchus — Tropical Citrus Vitamin Water

The forgotten 13th constellation of the Zodiac signs, Ophiuchus students have a potential unbeknownst to even themselves. Flexible, smooth, but often excluded, this sign is a perfect match with the overlooked “Energy” Tropical Citrus Vitamin Water. Besides, who doesn’t like cheap caffeine?


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