The Signs as Songs I’ve Had On Repeat This Week

Photo Courtesy of Beyond BInary Wikia

Kylie Malone

Contributing Writer

As midterm season drags on and finals season rapidly approaches, I speak for many of us when I say: there’s not enough coffee in the world for me to deal with this. Luckily, I’ve got dozens of Spotify playlists to choose from while I grind out fifteen topics on Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (unfondly known as ALEKS) the hour before it’s due… so I’m basically an expert on music. Without further ado, here are my song recommendations that best describe your zodiac:


“A-Punk” – Vampire Weekend

Like this song, you can be determined, spontaneous, and intensely energetic. Aries, you get a lot of hate, but this song exemplifies your good side. Next time when you’re angry, just listen to A-Punk instead of punching another hole in your wall.


“Cooks” – Still Woozy

When I think Taurus, I think loyal and dedicated. Like this singer, you’re committed in all things but especially in love… even if you accidentally burn the romantic dinner you were planning. It’s the drive that counts, and you’ve got plenty of it.


“Homage” – Mild High Club

Look, Geminis: I love you and I love this song, but I just have to say it. What’s with the unwarranted anxiety-inducing guitar segments, followed by a return to the pleasant melody? Why are you building unnecessary tension? Seems a bit two-faced to me. I would apologize, but it would be insincere.


“Looking Out For You” – Joy Again

This song is about being too shy to confess your feelings, and the pain of loving someone from afar. Sound familiar?


“Zodiac Killer” – Khalil?

Straight from the song: Just so you know, I’m a Leo, I’m worth like two people. That makes us a trio, ideal, aight?” I rest my case.


“Shake” – Yeek

Just like this singer, you’re “not made out of time”, you keep a steady beat, and you tend to bury your feelings. Wanna talk about it?


“That I Miss You” – Vansire

This singer is lamenting his breakup with his ex, but still hoping that she’s happy and doing well without him. Like the singer, you have a strong sense of justice and can separate your feelings from a situation to remain objective.


“Speed Racer” – Her’s

Upbeat, confident, bold… am I describing the singer or you?


“She’s My Collar” (feat. Kali Uchis) – Gorillaz

Much like yourself, this Gorillaz song is abstract and interpreted differently depending on who you ask. But to me, the song is about the collar tying you down, and the innate Sagittarius desire for freedom. 


“Hell N Back” – Bakar

Much like this singer, you’re looking for genuine connection and support; you can’t stand fake people and pretenders. You’ve worked hard to become the person you are today, and you want to be respected for that.


“Speaking Sonar” – Summer Salt

Free-spirited, bubbly, and sensitive, this song fits you perfectly, Aquarius. ‘Speaking Sonar’ is off in its own little world, and deals in imaginative ocean metaphors (ocean? Aquarius? SEA where I’m going with this?). This song holds a special place in my heart, and so do you.


“Lovers Rock” – TV Girl

Angsty, romantic, but good vibes nonetheless… love you, Pisces.