Horoscopes for the Season of Love

Illustrated by Bridget Rios

Sofia Lyon

Executive Content Editor


Love is waiting for you. It’s all around you, in fact. You just have to be ready and willing to look for it. Send a sweet message to the one on your mind. It’s not scary. It’s life, and it is beautiful. 


This year, it’s all about you. Be your own Valentine. Lean into your Venusian influence; put on that silk dress you only wear on special occasions, pour yourself a glass of Prosecco or sweet beverage of your choosing. Buy a box of expensive, fancy chocolates and eat them all. You deserve it. There’s a lot coming up for you, and not all of it will be easy, but you can enjoy this moment now.


Let someone else do the work for once. Have someone make you your favorite meal. You take care of everyone else all the time. Let them take care of you. It’s your turn. Go ahead and watch a film you’ve had on your list for a while and indulge yourself.


It’s okay to wait a little longer. Love is patient, and so are you. Everyone knows that, and everyone loves you. Spend some time with your favorite people in the world, that’s really all you need right now. Enjoy yourself, and when you’re ready, spend a quiet moment alone with your thoughts and a warm meal.


Expect grand gestures and lavish gifts. Who will send them? You decide. But don’t fall back into the old habits and sufferings. You’re too good for that now, after all this time.


You spend so much of your free time overthinking that you forget to live your life. Try to find yourself in the present, in the unadulterated joy of it all. Don’t worry about what is to come, or what hasn’t happened yet. Go to the beach, or on a walk to somewhere beautiful. Make it an alone activity, take someone, or some people you love. Let them love you, and try not to question it this time.


I know you want the one who will build you a home where the cottonwoods grow. I know you want tearful farewells at the train station, soaked handkerchiefs, and bundles of flowers. Trust me, we all know. You live for the drama and aesthetics of intense romance, and you make it everyone’s business. This year, have a traditional, tacky, box-of-chocolates and teddy bear Valentine’s. Revel in the simplicity and cheekiness of it all. Sure it’s not “Casablanca,” but it’s better.


Get ready, you’re coming into your time now. There will be a lot of places to go, a lot of moves to make. Maybe a new career or home, or maybe just a new outlook. When you arrive there, you’ll find what’s been waiting for you. Call a family member and ask about a beloved Valentine’s memory of theirs. Remind yourself of how kind memories can be. There’s a lot to think about now.


You feel that age-old and celestial urge to run, in pursuit of some elusive and grand story. See if you can hold still for a second. It’s time to think: maybe nothing is out there to pursue. Maybe it is. But ask yourself the more important question: what if you stayed this time? What if you sat in your discomfort and commitment and see what could happen? This is the year to find out.


Soon enough you’ll feel a relief like you’ve never known. I know this time of year is harder for you than usual. But your moment is coming. 


Now is the time to accept your circumstances. No excuses, no filling the void, no regimen. Just be. Buy yourself your favorite beverage or dessert and read a love story or poem you relate to the most. It is art that will bring you back. It always has been.


You attract excitement and newness. You create it. It’s always been you. You don’t have to go out into the world to seek love and magic; it is in you already. You always bring the intensity. This year, take some time to meditate. See if this time you can truly learn to believe it.