Noon Concerts at Storke: Task Force Freedom

Photo Courtesy of @taskforcefreedom

Evelyn Thurman

Contributing Writer

As fall quarter approached its end, Associated Students (AS) Program Board was back at Storke Plaza last Thursday with a noon concert. This time, they brought out Isla Vista (I.V.) music duo Task Force Freedom, who epitomized vexation, liberation, and leisure through their rock ‘n’ roll beats. 

Although the audience started out small, Task Force Freedom was impossible to ignore throughout campus. It was not long until groups of students gathered to watch the duo’s heavy guitar and impressive drumming. The concert felt intimate, and was a candid representation of I.V. music culture. Students sat on the steps restfully and took in the group’s performance. 

The artists kept it casual, joking at the beginning of the show, “It’s too early for this,” despite the performance beginning just after noon. They shared looks throughout the concert to stay in sync, appearing to enjoy themselves as much as the audience was. Everyone shared a laugh at one point when a spectator screamed, “I’m your biggest fan.”

Their performance included a variety of songs, drifting between laidback, soft-percussion melodies and grittier soundscapes. Their shifts in dynamic kept the audience on their toes. At one point in the set, the group switched from a cacophonic timbre to a high-pitched gradient, a juxtaposition that woke the crowd up and got some heads bopping. 

While many in the audience may have not understood what words were being sung (or rather screamed), the duo’s hard energy had a way of ensuring everyone knew what they meant. Their rock sound conveyed a sense of rage but also community among the crowd, who were all able to let loose amidst the power chords and aggressive drumming. As the show came to an end, students walked away from the plaza, some with hearing loss, but certainly, a little less pent-up rage.


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