In Photos – Dean: a coffee shop


Photos by Daniela Schwarts

On the corner of Hollister is a welcoming row of teal umbrellas.
Turn left and see a spacious, modern coffee shop called Dean Coffee Shop. Dean is relatively new to the Goleta community, opening in August of 2020. It is a perfect spot to grab a coffee, relax, or study and have plenty of room to think.
The shop offers a variety of coffees and teas, as well as toasts and pastries. Near the entrance of the shop, a customer can also find quite a few food and drink options, like kombucha and salads, in a nifty retro refrigerator.
The expressos have just enough kick to keep you focused, if your goal is to get work done at the shop. While the smashed bean sourdough toast may look a little smaller at first glance, the bite is filling and delicious.
The atmosphere is friendly and productive, a great get-away from a busy work-from-home setting.
If you’re looking for somewhere new and hope to see a fresh modern shop in an old, tasteful town, then Dean Coffee Shop is the place! For more information, visit their website for hours, photos, menus, and reviews!

A barista prepares an espresso coffee.
Just by the counter is a row of delicious pastries, tempting all the customers.
A small express, perfect for jump-starting a productive day.
Smashed bean sourdough topped with a blanket of arugula.


  1. Tasty lattes, coffee and fresh pastries. A welcoming staff at a great location with ample parking. A large outdoor patio with ample seating and umbrellas. A good vibe with good music. A good spot to catch up with friends, reflect, slow down and enjoy your hot or cold drink. Our new favorite morning spot…Deans

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