KCSB Presents: Indigo De Souza LIVE

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Sofia Lyon

Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Thursday, March 31 at 8 p.m., KCSB hosted a live performance from the eclectic Indigo de Souza. Commended for her genre-blending sensibilities combining a healthy mix of indie-rock, neo-soul, and bedroom pop, the young musician performed from her converted church home, a large print of her album cover for “I Love My Mom” adorning the wall behind her. Joined by her precious pup Winston, De Souza offered viewers an intimate experience into her home through her music.

Her set included fan favorites of her 2018 record, including “The Sun is Bad,” “Ghost,” “How I Get Myself Killed,” and “The Moon is No Good,” among many unreleased songs. Space between songs was filled with anecdotes of her morning and other details of her surroundings. She told a story about how Winston fell into a rushing river earlier that morning and managed to get himself free, remarking on her “athletic and talented” companion. A plush Shrek was also seated next to her throughout the event, an item she clarifies is, “very dear to [her].”

Throughout her performance, she made a point to interact with the live chat, asking everyone to send in a word to describe their current emotional state. Sentiments included overwhelmed, nostalgic, and emotional — indicative of the kind of vulnerability De Souza’s work exudes. Needless to say, she created a welcoming and comforting environment for her audience, receptive to their responses. As she changes her mind on which song to play next, she humorously adds her word should be “scatterbrained.” 

This virtual concert allowed fans a glimpse into the home and heart of the endearing young artist. Despite our physical separation and the disappointment many feel due to the lack of concert-going within the past year, getting to see a down-to-earth and personal performance certainly allows for some sense of familiar humanity. If you haven’t yet discovered the gentle yet poignant voice present in her work, check out Indigo De Souza on Spotify and Bandcamp.