Pre-Valentine’s Day Ideas For Single Zodiacs

Illustration by Alyssa Long

Linda Chong

Opinions Editor & Senior Copy Editor

Attention all zodiacs! Our first pandemic Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, a day dedicated to capitalizing on love and making singleness feel extra sad. Fear not. For those of us adhering to state-wide social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines, I have the perfect activities for you singles and your upcoming Valentine’s Day planning. Cheers to a no-pressure, single’s self-love day; you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. 

  • Aquarius  

As the literal star of the season, happy birthday! Stop secretly wallowing in the gloom and doom of the pandemic and make some memories. Organize a Zoom call with your two other friends, take birthday crown screenshots, and decide which movie to watch together. 

  • Pisces  

Dear Pisces, we all know you’ve been meeting that one friend outside the house. At this point, you’re considered the same household. Since both of you only meet each other, this Valentine’s Day is a bake-together kind of hangout. Ditch the usual food-pick-up date and change the routine! It’ll be fun, I promise. 

  • Aries  

This pandemic, you need to stay inside. It doesn’t matter if you put yourself at risk everyday, let’s think about the safety of others and get creative for an indoors Valentine’s Day! As an independent queen, Valentine’s Day is a breeze for you. Pick up your favorite food, heart-shaped cookies for the occasion, and just chill for the night. 

  • Taurus  

Alright, if you don’t want to feel the loneliest a person can feel during Valentine’s Day, you need to make amends with your friends. Even if you’re not in a fight with someone, let’s show some unexpected love and make cake pops for your friends. It’ll feel good to deliver the baked goods while socially distancing — plus, I bet you miss your friends. 

  • Gemini  

So, we already know that you’ve set Valentine’s Day aside for finally meeting your Hinge date. Let’s remember: one, we’re still in a pandemic, and two, you don’t need to be in a relationship to thrive on a Valentine’s Day. You’ll have more fun if you invite your three best friends over for freshly-baked cupcakes and hot tea. 

  • Cancer  

Finally! A nationally-recognized social event that gives you an excuse to get out of your room! Put away the stacking mugs, clean up your space, and treat this as a self-love reset button. For the most optimal Valentine’s Day, invite your close circle for a game of online Cards Against Humanities or Scribblio — or whatever the next internet group game is. 

  • Leo  

As the queen of movie nights and self love, this is really the day to take it to the next level. Dress in all pink and plan the perfect extra day. Here’s a start: you’re dressed in a snazzy pink outfit, everyone stares at your matching sunglasses and gogo boots, and you get an iced vanilla coffee with oat milk. 

  • Virgo

I understand you’re very busy and you have midterms still due, but this is a national holiday. Let’s instead channel that energy into planning a relaxing Valentine’s Day. You know you’ll love it. Watch a classic rom-com with a cute charcuterie board. Setting it up and mindlessly watching Julia Roberts fall for a rich man will get your mind off deadlines and to-do lists.  

  • Libra  

Yes, we all know that you have your own agenda already for this day: baking strawberry-filled pastries, face-timing besties, and loving your single status. Honestly, you’ve got this already. As long as meeting new people and inviting more than four people isn’t on the list, you’re fine! 

  • Scorpio  

As someone who considers leaving people on read a form of self care, this is a chance for you to show your friends you appreciate them and that you’re alive. Lay off the online shopping — we don’t want to impulse buy — and show some love to your family. Drop off nice real flowers for your best friends and a cute dessert for your family. It’ll warm your heart and theirs for sure. 

  • Sagittarius  

As unbothered as you are, it’ll be a nice change to care about Valentine’s Day. Maybe before you told everyone around you that Valentine’s Day is stupid, and that’s fine! No one’s judging you for going back on that! Even something small like hanging up a paper heart or buying a small box of chocolates for the house will literally change your mood for the day.  

  • Capricorn  
Illustrations by Alyssa Long

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, you have no better excuse to finally practice self love. Let’s finally go the whole mile: pink sugar heart bath bomb, pink pasta shells from Target, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. You do deserve all this, and neglecting this will make it harder to deal with the mountain of responsibilities and pressure you regularly create for yourself.