In Photos – Protests at San Marcos Foothills Preserve


Photos by Sammy Muñoz

City of Santa Barbara Police Department closed the entrance to San Marcos Foothills Preserve to cars and pedestrians.
Police monitored the scene as the demonstration carries on into seven hours.
Protestors circled the parked bulldozers, holding their signs, and chanted in unison.
A UC Santa Barbara student, who is also a local from Santa Barbara, proudly wielded his musical instrument.
Protestors applauded as the last of two bulldozers drive away.
Protestors gathered around Chumash women as they sang a traditional song in their language.
Protestors raised their fists in solidarity with the indigenous community.
Protestors brought homemade signs to the event.
Chumash women spoke out about the injustices carried out against their people.


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