In Photos – Brand New Caje on State Street


Photos by Olivia Labastida

The cafe is designed beautifully and is a great place to catch up with friends, grab a morning coffee, or have a study sesh. This is also great during COVID-19 because the caje is outdoors and the tables and chairs are safely distanced from each other.
This is Caje’s current menu, featuring classics and signatures. They have a limited menu right now, but will add more drinks and food options to the menu in the coming weeks.
The Burnout was an elegant latte, the ginger coated rim brought out a savory flavor whilst the bourbon-pecan syrup was the perfect amount of sweetness.
The Bella Rose is a gorgeously presented iced matcha. The flavors blend great and the fruity flavors are powerful.
The Sugarwood was a blend of Oakey bliss, filled with aromas of cherry and angostura bitters.