What Girls Really Want for Christmas

Illustration by Echo Dieu

Linda Chong

Opinions Editor & Senior Copy Editor

People assume girls prefer to receive the same gifts: $8 flowers from Ralphs or those chunky, hideous silver infinity necklaces. Who let the straight cis-males think this was acceptable? Where’s the flavor? This disappointing set of gifts completely fails to acknowledge that women have an infinite style and combinations of interests.

Women take up so much more space than whatever textbook image men have agreed on. I’m lost as to why we don’t collectively give men the same two gifts they’d ever need in life: a wallet and a lawn mower. To those that seek answers, here are a couple items that I guarantee will not disappoint. 

1. Aesthetic Candles With Gems Or Rings Inside

Witchtok and small businesses have shown us that there is more to Bath & Body’s fruits and flowers. The possibilities are endless: candles with layered cakes of gold flakes and sparkles, funky candles with crystals jutting out from the tops, or candles with glittery pastels burned down to a small encasement of rings. Let’s put in the effort.

2. Funky Ceramic Mugs

Handcrafted and simply made, ceramic mugs just hit different. Uneven sides, hand-pressed bottoms, and vintage color schemes can speak to every girl’s room decor or old-fashion dream. Bonus points if they thrift. 

3. Cute Abstract Totes

I’m not talking about tattered khaki totes that have one image pressed onto the side. I’m also not talking about totes that spell out names with Disney letters. Scratch that. Find totes with cute flowers embroidered on both sides. Search for local artists that add outside pockets in primary colors or draw funky faces that scream cottagecore. 

4. Colorful Vintage Keyboards

Let’s collectively erase from our brains the black plastic keyboard featuring our high school computer labs. There is more to the world than that. Imagine chonky keys with your favorite color pastel variety complete with a satisfying amount of press-down movement; it’s real and it comes with a matching mouse. 

5. Disposable Camera

No one can hate a disposable camera with a small, handwritten note that reads: “Let’s make memories.” Feel free to alter the words but the point is, a $13 Kodak or Lomography’s $25 Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera makes everyone blush. 

6. Korean Sheet Masks

The most productive gift that one can ever receive is probably a Korean sheet mask. You’re essentially delivering the final piece to every girl’s “I’m going to treat myself” night. Though I don’t recommend this to be your main dish, I do think it’s a nice $3 cherry-on-top side that makes your present seem bountiful.


  1. Exactly what my secret santa matches asked for
    so I threw in some international snackpacks and small statues to widen their aesthetic horizons ^^

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