What Your Mask Says About You

Assorted Masks
Illustration by Alyssa Long

Linda Chong

Senior Copy Editor/Opinions Editor

Getting ready to leave the house hits different during quarantine. Assuming it’s for essential reasons, grocery shopping is no longer just a trip to ensure food for the week. Visiting the ATM isn’t just a quick run anymore, and a quick run isn’t just exercise. Now, it’s a chance for you to turn heads in your carefully-picked outfit or match your eyeshadow to the color of your skirt. 

For some people it might actually be an errand, for most of us, it’s the only time of the week to feel the weather and break out of closed walls. As you put on your shoes — left then right — and pick up your keys, your roommate yells, “Don’t forget to take your mask!” Though it’s obvious not everyone will respond the same, here’s what your mask says about you:

1. Disposable Mask

You’re coming back home in 10 minutes. This is actually a quick run, most likely for take-out considering you don’t feel like cooking tonight, and the next. The go-to outfit you wear when you leave is probably the same recycled sweater and jeans. Though no one comments on your “home” smell or lack of eye contact, we all know your number one priority is to be at home. Do yourself a favor — buy a razor while you’re out.

2. N-95

If you need an N-95 mask, you’re most definitely traveling. It means one of three things: you’re going back home, you have COVID-19 fear, or you’re traveling because you’re privileged. Either way, stay safe and good luck. 

3. Solid Color Masks

After months of wearing basic black, you’ve finally settled on buying a shiny new color. You’re probably someone very simple. You might not try too hard in anything except in your career or hobbies, your routines are always the same, and you don’t care about how others perceive you. Where’s the fun in that?

4. Words, Designs, or Completely Black

A dark aura surrounds you, and your scowl peaks through your mask. Don’t touch me, you say with your mind 24-7. Especially with the virus, you might feel extra upset about people outside, people in groups, and even people that don’t make the effort to keep their six feet away from you. Your mask says it all, “If you can read me, you’re too close.”

5. Sparkly/Flowery-Patterned Masks or Masks That Match Your Outfit

After your roommate reminds you, you smile back and lift up your mask. The color matches your sweater and your socks, as do your bag and your shoes. Your motto is “dress to impress” because every day is a new outfit and a chance to cross paths with a handsome stranger. Main character energy looks good on you, hon. 

6. Design Masks With Specific Art/Illustration

A stranger compliments the intricate details of your mask, particularly the Ron Weasley illustration on your left cheek. “I support small businesses,” you respond. Though that might be half true, you’re either supporting your friend’s new mask business that began at the start of quarantine, or you’re a fan. Not specifically of Harry Potter, but you’re part of the fandom — whatever that means to you. Don’t be ashamed of your manga wall, The Office mug, or Rick and Morty t-shirt; instead, embrace your community. 


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