Myers-Briggs Personalities During Thanksgiving

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Alexis Crisostomo

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While Thanksgiving break may look a bit different this year, people have started to brainstorm different ways to celebrate the season. The question is, what will we find ourselves doing during the long weekend? The Myers-Briggs personality test classifies people into 16 MBTI categories by identifying them based on certain aspects of their personality. Here’s our guess on what you will be doing this Thanksgiving, as well as the ideal person you would be spending it with.


Those who share this personality sees this quarantine holiday as an opportunity to research and analyze the different traditions that make up Thanksgiving. They spend their long weekend break sifting through articles online and dissecting the origins of apple pie, cornucopias, and the Thanksgiving feast itself. 


People with this personality don’t really mind trying to keep with the family traditions, and instead feel bummed not being able to execute their newest Black Friday shopping strategy this year. Now, their Thanksgiving is being spent stuffing their mouths with pumpkin pie and figuring out which online coupons will get them the best deals on Cyber Monday. 


These personalities try their best to fill the day with as many Thanksgiving traditions. They wake up early and have a set agenda of what needs to get done. From the de-thawing of the turkey, cleaning the house, and sending out season’s greetings, ENTJs think this Thanksgiving is more about what you can get done rather than how much they are missing.


Fantasy Football is the only priority for ENTP this Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to exercising their strategy and debate skills at home. ENTPs reach out to friends over Zoom and enthusiastically argue over scouting different players and management techniques the entire day. 


This personality wants to spend time with their housemates and close family, but doesn’t want to go all out trying to keep the traditions. Instead, INFJs spend more time learning about the dark history behind Thanksgiving and help spread awareness on social media about the country’s current relationship with Indigenous people. 


With the weather getting colder, this personality tends to stay in their room and greet people over the phone, post a picture on Instagram, and then emerge for Thanksgiving dinner. INFPs miss getting together in person with loved ones, but ultimately decide to retreat into their own world by distracting themselves with books, painting, and watching movies.


Blasting music from their “Main Character Vibes” playlist, this personality tries to organize a Friendsgiving with their housemates at their apartment. After, ENFJs check up on their neighbors from a safe distance, chatting with them from a six-foot distance or by making a super long can-and-string telephone pole. 


Who needs to celebrate within walls when you can isolate yourself in the great outdoors? Thanksgiving weekend is when ENFPs finally go on that camping trip they’ve been planning with their family and are finally able to find themselves while they take some pretty cool pictures. 


Thanksgiving is usually just another Thursday for this personality. ISTJs often just observe whatever craziness their family or housemates get into from a distance. But especially during this time around, they make sure to work on formal, well-written  “Seasons Greetings!” cards on the side. 


While on the quieter side, people with this personality value spending time with others and try their best to keep up traditions by organizing the Thanksgiving Zoom. They find comfort in overseeing things and mainly work behind the scenes by managing logistics and creating different break out rooms. 


People with this personality are also eager to keep up with some kind of tradition and will likely attend digital Thanksgiving parties. They help things run smoothly, and make sure everyone feels comfortable online by jumping back and forth between different chat boxes and break rooms.


Changing how they spend Thanksgiving might feel a bit strange for this personality, but they’re working on it. ESFJs provide the classic homemade stuffing, grab their family members just in time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and have them mask up for a group bike ride, all while finding more ways to spend the day safely. 


This personality calls for movie marathons when they have to stay at home. From either binge-watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to the entire “Lord of the Rings,” ISTPs would quietly analyze the camera work and pick apart specific details of the film they find intriguing. 


This personality seizes the day as an opportunity to start early on those holiday decorations. With a keen eye for aestheticism and color coordination, ISFPs will spend their Thanksgiving making their rooms and living spaces into a picture of festive perfection, ready to blow up on either TikTok or Pinterest.


Usually, ESTPs would be the ones to come up with crazy games every year during Thanksgiving. While they’re sad that they can’t make it as elaborate this year, they find ways to host either a scavenger hunt with their housemates, or a game of Battleship with their neighbors on the other side of their fence. 


ESFPs love to perform and will either live-stream their friend’s virtual game show or put on a digital talent show.

No matter which MBTI personality you identify with or whether or not these horoscopes turn out to be true, staying home this Thanksgiving is especially important to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. How close are these predictions? Let us know, and have a great Thanksgiving break!

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