Trendy Ideas for Quarantine Room Makeover

Illustration by Alyssa Long

Alexis Crisostomo

Contributing Writer

As the pandemic toils outside our homes, it can feel boring being stuck in the same room as we go into the Fall quarter. I felt the same a few weeks ago, as I sat in my room scattered with old decor. One remedy for this is currently trending across social media: room makeovers. Today, the Internet is filled with ideas to boost your creativity and help you create your own happy place at home. If you want to ramp up your room’s aesthetic, here are some trendy ideas to get started:

1. Cloud Mirrors

Foam “cloud” mirrors are a fresh decor idea that is both cute and fairly easy to DIY with materials from your local houseware store. With hundreds of tutorials on TikTok, cloud mirrors are made by spraying on a fluffy coat of polyurethane — a type of insulation plastic — onto the edges of your mirrors. The result is a very fluffy-rimmed mirror that can add to a cleanly, dreamy aesthetic.

2. Collage Wall

Collage walls — my personal favorite — offer many opportunities for you to individualize your wall. With a wide variety of themes and ideas to choose from, themed collage walls show off your creativity, interests, and even color coordination. From walls filled with manga strips, book pages, or random edgy Pinterest photos, all you really just need a printer, some photo paper, and a bunch of images on your phone. You can also use sites such as Freeprints to get higher quality photos.

3. Spotify Plaque

Arguably the DIY to kick off #RoomMakeover, Spotify plaques are made by gluing a picture of your choice onto a glass frame, writing the name of a song, and drawing the Spotify music controls at the bottom. With easily accessible materials, these plaques are a great way to show off your own taste in music and depending on what kind of picture you glue, makes for a great nostalgic piece.

4. CD Wall

If you want an artsy, picture-ready feature in your room, then a CD Wall is the perfect way to go. These walls add a unique retro-vibe to your room and give off glimmering colors when light reflects onto them. You just need to line rows of CDs/DVDs with the backside up to make a dazzling array on your wall. You can either connect them with hooks and hang them on your wall, or simply use a sturdy mounting putty or tape.

5. Green, Green, Green!

A room filled with vines, hanging plants, and succulents have taken over many rooms this year. From emitting a cozy appeal to adding to the grainy-textured look of the dark academia aesthetic, hoards of plants add a creative down-to-earth aspect to your room. You can buy real plants and have fun taking care of them at home, or if you’re like me and do not have a green thumb, you can buy them in stores such as Marshalls or Amazon. 

6. Star Projectors

Star projectors are attracting attention for their ability to project whole galaxies onto your ceiling. These unique lights not only provide ambiance for your room, but also add a touch of wonder as you look up at the night sky from the comfort of your bed. Projectors — such as the popular SKYlite — can range from $50 to $70 in stores such as Target or Galaxy Lamps. With a thick blanket and some pillows, these lights will make your room feel extra cozy going into the winter months. 

Whether you use one of these ideas or all of them, hopefully this list inspires you to jumpstart your own room makeover. During these times, it can feel frustrating being in the same room or house every day. It can feel boring, especially if you are stuck in your hometown like me — pretty isolating. Therefore, it is all the more important to surround yourself with the things you love and that helps boost your serotonin. Stay safe, and have fun making your own little happy place!


  1. Those are some amazing ideas. Maybe I can pick up some and make some changes in my room decor to fit my personality. I have so much stuff here. Thank you.

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