Summertime Serotonin

Illustration by Esther Liu

Katelin Godbold

Staff Writer

August may be over, but it is still summer break for Gauchos, and although it may feel like a strange break, there are plenty of things to make the most of it. Considering the current circumstances, many are looking for activities that are not only fun, but also safe. Here are a few things you can do that will put you in the summer spirit, as well as follow current safety guidelines!

1. Have A Picnic

This is a perfect activity to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. Grab a blanket, some snacks, and maybe a book. Head to a local park or even your own yard and spend time soaking up the sun. Remember to make a conscious effort to pick a location away from others to stay safe, and wear a mask when going near people who are not part of your group. This activity is perfect as you can create distance from other people but still enjoy escaping your house. 

Illustration by Esther Liu

2. Make Summertime Snacks

Summer has characteristic flavors that come around every year. Whether it’s a smoothie bowl or s’mores, making some snacks can help to create the mood of the season. Some possible snacks that you could make range from homemade popsicles to roasted marshmallows. Recipes can easily be found online and give step-by-step instructions on foods such as smoothies and fruit kabobs. Just because we can’t fully experience summer doesn’t mean we can’t “taste” summer.

3. Watch a Drive-In Film

With movie theaters closed and streaming services becoming a little stale, a trip to the drive-in movies, such as the Westwind Drive-In Movie Theater, is the perfect option. A drive-in provides the fun of going to the movies and eating snacks without the dangerous proximity of strangers. Grab some comfy pillows and blankets, then head over to a drive-in. Enjoy the cool night air from your own car and delight in the nostalgia of a drive-in.

Illustration by Esther Liu

4. Start or Join a Book Club

Whether you love to read or want to push yourself to pick up a book, a book club is a great option for this summer. Set up a group with your friends or join an existing club. This is a great option as it gives you something to do in your free time and interaction with others. As you read through a book, you can join other members or even your bestie over Zoom to share your theories or predictions.

Illustration by Esther Liu

5. Take a Scenic Drive

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped in a new Netflix show or get overwhelmed with school work (summer classes can sometimes be a little much). Take a day or even a few hours to pick a cool destination and take a scenic drive. This provides a perfect opportunity to change your view as well as jam out to some tunes in the car. One option is the SoCal challenge if you’re in the area, which includes visiting the beach, desert, and mountains in a single day. If you are not in SoCal, you could pick out a spot to drive to for the sunset.

Illustration by Esther Liu

6. Pick Up a New Hobby

With no events going on and fewer things we can do safely, there tends to be a lot of free time. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new or try a new hobby such as cooking, embroidery, or dancing. The number of hobbies and talents to learn is numerous, from learning a new instrument to calligraphy, to trying out new workout regimens or some hairstyling techniques. There are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube that can help you along as well. Search up a recipe or dance tutorial, or even spend a little time on a program offered by Master Class or Skillshare.

7. Reorganize and Redecorate Your Home

You may feel bored with your room or kitchen, or maybe you have an urge to buy some new decor. Whatever the reason, consider tackling some DIY interior design. Get creative juices flowing with a Pinterest board and design a room in your home in a new way. Whether you want to simply spice up a room or repurpose it completely into a new space, this is an activity that allows you to be creative and inspired.

This summer may not be ideal, but that doesn’t take away the sunny weather and the opportunity to still have fun. Make a summer playlist, eat some good snacks, and enjoy activities that still allow you to have fun while staying safe.


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