Alexandra Wishowski
Contributing Writer

A Taurus is no stranger to chilling at home on their softest blankets and pillows with a pet by their side. As an earth sign with an affinity to luxury, you deserve to treat yourself, especially with your birthday spent in quarantine. You’ll be happiest with your best Trader Joe’s snacks within arms reach and a few weekly food deliveries to look forward to. Although avoiding the public is barely a change for you, your biggest challenge in quarantine is your tendency to be stubborn when your life has been turned upside down. Readjust your routine by making time to dive into your artistic side through painting or testing out a fancy recipe.

Gemini, your mind is always racing at a million miles a minute, so peace and quiet 24/7 is not the most fun for you. Quarantine may have been a downer on your sociable and party-loving personality, but you can turn that perspective around to focus on yourself. When you’re not on FaceTime with everyone you know or getting lost on TikTok, set aside time for mindful meditation and daily journaling to sort out your thoughts. Puzzles, word games, and books will give you that much needed intellectual stimulation. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so you’ll also excel at learning a new language. 

Cancer lives by the words “let’s stick together.” Home and loved ones are priorities to this caring sign and your comforting, homebody nature makes you a great role model for others to stay inside. As the official mom of the zodiac, you’ll enjoy exploring baking recipes on YouTube to recreate at home and frequently FaceTiming your friends’ pets. Take it a step further and share how to cook your favorite meal with a few friends to host a virtual dinner party. Like fellow sentimental water sign Pisces, you value nostalgia so you’ll do well passing the time by tuning in to your favorite childhood movies and shows. 

Like the sun, it’s difficult to ignore the brightness of your charming and bold personality. With a bit of a flair for the dramatic, Leos may be struggling without the outside world as their audience. Performance is in your DNA, so looking into signing up for an online dance or acting class is a potential outlet for your creative energy. Try experimenting with new looks out of your comfort zone, whether you follow a colorful makeup tutorial or completely change your hair. If necessary, cope with your worries by going on an online shopping spree for future outfits to wear to your post lockdown activities. 

On a constant overdrive to be efficient, dedicated earth sign Virgo has suddenly been left without their carefully planned routine. Fear not, because you have a well-deserved break from some of the demands of your previous daily schedule. Investing in healthy ways to destress, such as practicing yoga, will help you unwind. Gardening and online simulation games also offer the opportunity to maintain order outside of your own life. Similar to Gemini, Mercury-ruled Virgo also has a special talent for writing. Try journaling your accomplishments of the day or writing a bucket list of activities you’d like to do once the quarantine is over. 

Ruled by the love planet, Venus, Libras have a great appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. Put your exquisite taste to use by exploring photography or creating the perfect quarantine playlists to share with your friends. Libras are also prone to indecisiveness, so establishing balance and harmony is important to your well-being. Take this extra time to rearrange and organize your room to your liking with your eye for design. Whether you simply move around furniture or indulge in some new purchases with retail therapy, you’ll enjoy your stress naps and spa days much more in your ideal space. 

Scorpio is the intense, intuitive water sign attempting to resist accepting change and finding it difficult to trust others during a major global pandemic. Quarantine might have you in your feelings, but your resilience and honesty are helping you to be supportive to those in your inner circle. However, secretive Scorpios value their solitude. Joining a virtual book club will allow you to spend your alone time reading an interesting book while occasionally checking in with your friends. Your fascination with taboo and mystery also calls for a true crime binge to put your detective skills to use. Consider going through all the seasons of “Forensic Files” or listening to podcasts like “Crime Junkie” and “My Favorite Murder.” 

Freedom-loving Sagittarius is far from their ideal happy place when every day feels like a Sunday. Your optimism and spontaneity shine when you’re having a great time with your favorite people, but it’s hard to break the monotony while you’re unwillingly tied down to one spot. You’re extremely adventurous, so thoroughly research potential places to travel for your inevitable last-minute trip to celebrate the end of social distancing. As a creatively intelligent sign, you can try your hand at making music or expanding your need to know with books that tap into philosophical topics. On an easygoing day, lay down on the couch to captivate yourself with the drama of trashy reality TV shows while munching on a bag of chips. 

Capricorns are arguably the most dedicated, career-oriented sign of the zodiac. Your mind is always set on the ultimate goal of success. Even while the world is at standstill, you can continue to hold yourself routinely accountable by setting new goals. Work on self-improvement by adding a certificate to your resume with a free online class or planning the next five years of your future. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself, though. Set aside time to explore DIY projects, drawing, or therapeutic coloring. You can also get in touch with your earth sign roots by taking a hike or starting a garden. 

Knowledge is power for rebellious Aquarius. It’s not unusual to find yourself constantly checking the news and reading up on the latest government conspiracy theories, but be careful with getting a little too caught up in the world’s problems. Although you want to fix all the flaws of humanity so this can be over, you shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself first. Winding down with a new book to read or watching a few TED talks will satisfy your thirst for information. Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart, so coming up with ways to virtually support a cause also comes naturally to you. 

Pisces is the sensitive, imaginative dreamer of the zodiac. You’re vibing with the extra alone time, but a little too much solitude might have you laying in bed all day and putting on your Frank Ocean playlist to deal with that apocalyptic existential crisis. Instead, play that favorite music of yours while you take a peaceful daily walk. Get in touch with your creative side by trying new mediums of art, whether it’s poetry or watercolor, and add that sentimentality you love so much by making them for your friends. If you’re a spiritual Pisces, you can finally get into those crystals and tarot cards sitting in your closet to sharpen that third eye.  

With so much pent-up fiery energy, Aries is unable to sit still during a lockdown and wishes for the day they can go outside as they please. Anything to get that adrenaline pumping will help you cope with feeling suffocated, so kick it up a notch and challenge yourself with a new workout routine or an outdoor run. A natural-born leader, Aries prefers independence over teamwork so competitive video games or board games will allow you to thrive. Your blazing personality is impossible to ignore, Aries. Channel your passion into reminding everyone who listens to you to practice social distancing so you can finally get your freedom back.