5️⃣ Board Games to Play During Quarantine🎮

Illustration by Grace Park

Marion Pochard

Contributing Writer

Are you stuck in quarantine with the same group of people who are slowly driving you crazy? I have a solution: spend even more time with those who render you mad! Playing board games can be a way to have fun and forget why you’ve come to hate your housemates during quarantine, although you might destroy your relationships even more through game conflicts. In any case, the funny moments that ensue will make time go faster. Whether you have all day or just a few minutes, these five board games can be a form of joy and entertainment during the boring weeks of quarantine.

5️⃣ Catan

In the land of Catan, your goal is to build roads, settlements, and villages to conquer the biggest area. The more you enlarge your territory, the more you can gather resources and trade them to build your village. Be strategic, trap your opponents, and be the first to reach the largest settlement. If you want to drive your friends crazy by using strategy, this game is for you. This 3-6 player game has many extensions and can last 30 minutes to two hours.

Best part of the game: Trapping your opponents and winning by surprise by staying discreet about your resources!

4️⃣ Secret Hitler

Tired of political debates with your housemates? Transform those debates into a social deduction game between opposing liberals and fascists! In this 5-10 player game, fascists are the main threat and hide their identity to pass laws.  Liberals try to stop them while having no idea of who is who. 

Who is lying, and who is telling the truth? How much should you trust your friends? Those questions can last hours or only a few minutes for skilled players. Full of suspicions, this game will eventually make you question your friendships and the trustworthiness of your partners.

Be careful about your neighbors — you might find yourself screaming “fascist” a little bit too loud.

3️⃣ Blokus

In this strategy game, 2-4 players aim to fit all of their Tetris-shaped pieces on the board. While the game seems easy at first glance, it’s no coincidence that the name of the game is pronounced, “Block us.” You can easily find yourself trapped by your opponents or even by yourself if you don’t place each piece strategically. 

If you like problem-solving, strategy, wracking your brain for an hour, and of course, battling your friends, this game is perfect for you!

2️⃣ Time’s Up!

Do you want to laugh, move, and see your friends struggle to express themselves? This team game is made for you and can even be created at home if you don’t own it! In 30 seconds, one player draws a random card and must help their team guess the word on the card. But be careful, because each round is harder than the previous one. While players initially can use as many words as they want to describe the card, only ONE word is allowed for each card in the second round. In the final rounds, players must mime the word.

This game is perfect for those who enjoy silly moments with their friends and is adaptable to your desired duration and number of players. Create cards with inside jokes or memories that you made with your friends, which will make miming the words even more fun! 

1️⃣ Dobble

This card game is funny, fast, and comes in a variety of versions that include Disney, Harry Potter, and more. Each card has eight symbols, with one similar symbol between every card in the deck. Find the symbol in common between your card and the card revealed in the middle and grab it first. The player who finishes the game with the most cards wins!

Designed for 2-8 players, this game is perfect because it can be as short as a five-minute break between classes and as long as an entire night. If one of your housemates has been getting on your nerves lately, this game is a perfect way to let off some steam!