Four TV Shows for Students to Binge During Quarantine

Illustration by Yasmin Ghaemmaghami

Kayla Curtis-Evans
Contributing Writer

It’s safe to say that many of us have acquired considerable amounts of free time as we social distance to combat the spread of COVID-19. Virtual happy hour sessions, reading books, cooking up delicacies, and crafting are just a few of the activities people are adopting to ward off boredom. For students especially, this can be a difficult time, as re-configuring schedules while moving back home and juggling school work is not easy. Outlets and moments in which we allow ourselves to relax are important. 

In these trying times, one of the most classic forms of entertainment never fails to entertain: Netflix! If you want to pass the time while doing your part, staying safe, staying inside (and washing your hands), then The Bottom Line has you covered. Read on for a compiled list of the best TV shows for Gauchos to binge during quarantine. Minor spoilers ahead!

Illustration by Yasmin Ghaemmaghami

1. “Tiger King”

The first show on this list has been all the rage on social media: “Tiger King.” This crazy documentary covers a number of different exotic animal enthusiasts, but mainly follows one infamous man named Joe Exotic. Joe owned an exotic animal zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. He is an extremely charismatic man, but he also has made some controversial decisions. The documentary depicts his antics and feuds with PETA and other animal activists, including his archenemy, Carole Baskin. 

Ultimately, Joe ends up in jail, and the series tells us how he got there and the reasons why some believe he should be acquitted. This show provides the ultimate binge-watching content, as every episode gets more and more intense, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what Joe does next. 

2. “Dark” 

Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Another show that surely will keep audiences on the edge of their seats is “Dark.” “Dark” is a German sci-fi thriller series that was adapted for Netflix. If there is any time to scour the deep, unseen parts of Netflix, the time is now. I discovered this show one night after an extensive search, and I was not disappointed. 

You will need to turn on your subtitles (unless you speak fluent German), but the language barrier is hardly an obstacle in delving into the show; the plot takes so many drastic twists and turns that the series is instantly enticing from the first episode. Make sure you have snacks on hand because it may be hard to leave the couch once you start. 

3. “Ozark” 

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

The next binge-worthy show worth mentioning is “Ozark,” which has been on Netflix now for about three years. The third and most recent season was just released on Netflix in March — perfect timing for indoor marathons. This series, following along with the darker themes of “Dark” and “Tiger King,” is an American crime drama starring Jason Bateman. 

Bateman plays the man of the family, Marty Byrde. He is husband to Wendy Byrde and father to two kids, Charlotte and Jonah. They play the role of a typical family well, but behind the scenes the married couple is a part of a major drug scheme, laundering money for a drug cartel. The series has received fourteen Emmy nominations and has received widespread praise from fans.


4. “Black Mirror”

Photo Courtesy of Broadcasting & Cable

The last show on the list seems like it was almost made to be enjoyed during these tough times. “Black Mirror” is not new to Netflix users, as the show has been critically acclaimed since its original release in 2015. It reflects the dark underbelly of a society run by technology, showing the good, but mostly the very ugly and bad that can come along with modern technological advances such as dating apps and Uber. 

This show is a great choice to binge, especially during this time of social distancing because this pandemic itself sort of feels like its own crazy episode of “Black Mirror.” But additionally, the outlandish and almost fantastical scenarios depicted in “Black Mirror” also allow for the viewer to escape to another world in these times that are unprecedented.


This list of shows covers all of the bases. They vary in that they possess different settings and plots — some are comedic and satirical, and some are fictional, while “Tiger King,” for example, is a documentary. But what they all have in common is that they are perfect shows for students to binge-watch, especially for Gauchos who may be feeling a bit stir crazy indoors.

Gather some of your friends, hop on Zoom, and have your own virtual viewing party while watching along to any of these shows. But most importantly, The Bottom Line wishes health and safety upon all of our readers, no matter how you spend your time.


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