Santa Barbara Maker’s Market


Photostory by Vicente Villasenor | Contributing Photographer

The Makers Market is presented by Blissful Boutiques. Shop local Santa Barbara artisans and makers every Saturday 10AM-6PM & Sunday 11AM & 5PM in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.

The Makers Market is located in De la Guerra Place at State Street.



  1. Vicente,

    While I appreciate the effort to get the photos, why did you insist on using a black border around the images? If you look at them, it looks as if you are looking through a portal and it gives the pictures a voyeur effect. It makes them look creepy like someone is stalking.

  2. Thanks for telling us when the market is, the days and hours. Very helpful?

    • Every Saturday 10AM-6PM & Sunday 11AM & 5PM!

  3. What is being sold? How many vendors are there? Is everything hand-made? What days and times? Why are we looking at these snapshots of the event through holes ripped in black construction paper?

  4. Days and hours of this market?

    • Every Saturday 10AM-6PM & Sunday 11AM & 5PM!

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