Santa Barbara Maker’s Market


Photostory by Vicente Villasenor | Contributing Photographer

The Makers Market is presented by Blissful Boutiques. Shop local Santa Barbara artisans and makers every Saturday 10AM-6PM & Sunday 11AM & 5PM in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.

The Makers Market is located in De la Guerra Place at State Street.


Photo Editor
Graeme Jackson is a fourth year communication major. His involvement in freelance photography and music publications in Los Angeles led him to pursue the Photo Editor position at The Bottom Line. He is looking to pursue a career in the music industry after graduation. In his free time he stays active in the gym, plays sports, travels with other photographers, and runs a photography/management business with his friends.


  1. Vicente,

    While I appreciate the effort to get the photos, why did you insist on using a black border around the images? If you look at them, it looks as if you are looking through a portal and it gives the pictures a voyeur effect. It makes them look creepy like someone is stalking.

  2. What is being sold? How many vendors are there? Is everything hand-made? What days and times? Why are we looking at these snapshots of the event through holes ripped in black construction paper?

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