The Beauty of Change in “Frozen 2”

Illustration by Krystal Chen

Amrylois Ferido
Contributing Writer

When “Frozen” first showed in theaters in 2013, people literally could not let it go. The film left audiences wanting to see more of sisters Anna and Elsa, and the adventures that lay ahead of them. Fans didn’t have to wait long, as Disney returned with sequel “Frozen 2” on Nov. 22, 2019. The highly anticipated sequel serves as a strong transition from the first film through a message of change and its effect upon life and character individuality. 

“Frozen 2” takes audiences “into the unknown” by leading the two sisters onto an enchanted journey filled with magic, nature, and comedy. The film dutifully honors the talents behind Disney with masterful animation and catchy tunes that go hand in hand with the message of change.

The story behind “Frozen 2” is centered upon a sudden obstacle that both Anna and Elsa must overcome and how that challenge essentially shapes who they are individually and together. The togetherness that is present in the first movie is still readily there as the sisters embark on this journey with one another, allowing audiences to enjoy the same sense of adoration for the strong bond the sisters share.  

The enchanted yet seemingly more mature style of “Frozen 2” appeals to audiences, who have grown up alongside the film’s beloved characters. The film depicts how growing up is a part of the change one inevitably experiences in life and how it transforms who we are as an individual. This important, timeless message is what allows the film’s story to progress in a way that audiences can relate to and learn from. 

The fear of the unknown that comes with change is shown through the film’s choice of taking Anna and Elsa, along with their comedic friends Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff, far from their home of Arendelle and deep into an enchanted forest. This forest is where each character undergoes an individual conflict respectively. 

The different style of shots and scenery for each character addresses the conflicts they go through. Namely, the characters of Olaf and Kristoff, who deal with their struggles in a comedic sense, help provide comic relief to soften the mature and serious atmosphere of the rest of the film. Though there is one collective journey, each character individually takes their own path in finding themselves, showing audiences various challenges one may face while trying to grow up. 

The setting for the film gives an ambiance much different from the first as there is a mingling of styles seen through the combination of the mysterious iciness of the forest and the beautiful season of fall. This mix of ice and the warmth from fall symbolically help to show the contrasting style of each sister despite how harmoniously they work together. Initially a symbol of Elsa’s inability to contain her powers, the ice reflects a vastly different message in “Frozen 2,” as it instead highlights Elsa’s personality and how it differs from Anna’s. 

Though it is impossible for audiences to separate sequels from their beginnings, “Frozen 2” exceeds audience expectations with its gorgeous visuals and extensive detailing. The animation especially flourishes in the detail of the characters’ costumes as they contain such realism and movement. The same attention can also be given to the naturalism of nature within the film, with amber leaves and ocean blue water coming to life right before audience’ eyes. 

Through the realistic theme of change and brilliant animation, Frozen 2″ has evolved drastically from the first film, successfully distinguishing itself as its own individual movie. This film especially shows us how love is of importance within our lives, especially in times of change. The relationship between Elsa and Anna shows how even during conflict, we can still grow, push forward, and discover who we truly are and can be.