In Photos – Director of Parasite receives Outstanding Director Award


Photostory by Samuel Yang

Staff Photographer

Fans of Bong Joon Ho, who call themselves the “BongHive” rushed to the barrier for autographs.


On the red carpet, Bong’s interpreter Sharon Choi kept a close ear to his every word during his interviews and provided seamless translations in real-time while Bong maintained his cordial attitude even in front of numerous reporters and fans.


Constantly showing warm smiles and making jokes, Bong kept the atmosphere during his interview light and entertaining.


Elated to receive his Outstanding Director Award, Bong expressed his shock at the international recognition of Parasite and voiced his gratitude towards Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Samuel Yang is a second year from the Bay Area pursuing a biology major and a statistics minor. Thanks to the many years spent traveling, he has discovered his affinity for adventures and photography. In his free time, he unwinds by inhaling novels and discovering new music.


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