Sizzling Lunch: The New Hot Spot in I.V.


Linda Chong
Copy Editor

As you walk towards Amazon to pick up the cotton swabs you ordered, you notice the bustling scene next door. Inside you can see waiters rushing to attend to every empty cup and hand raised. 

Couples and friends gather in front of what you once knew as 212° Hotpot, now an unfamiliar, different name. “What is this,” they may ask themselves. Well that, my friends, is Sizzling Lunch.

Sizzling Lunch is the newest dining experience in I.V., originally a NorCal chain now serving Asian cuisine to our little college town. Compared to the current selection of I.V. foods, Sizzling Lunch brings a new, refreshing change that many people seem to enjoy. 

In an interview with The Bottom Line, Operational Manager Dillion Le clarified how Sizzling Lunch’s pride is the “enjoyment of watching your food cook right in front of your eyes,” an idea that was adopted from Japan. 

Sizzling Lunch wants to create a chance for you to take part in preparing your meal. This involvement of the customer contributing to their meal begins the moment they pick their dish and any customizable add-ons. 

Even in the cooking procedure, the waiter serves food and instructs the customer to flip the meat and add their signature sauces to their liking. Considering this process, the point is this: Sizzling Lunch is tailored to you.

Sizzling Lunch also considers the health of our community in Santa Barbara by using the freshest ingredients for a better taste and healthier alternative. “We … try to cut as much fat as possible to provide you guys the leanest beef in the house. That way, our beef provides more proteins and zinc to better your health,” said Le.

Using fresh ingredients, Sizzling Lunch proudly presents their most popular dish, the beef pepper rice, which is usually ordered with add-ons such as fried garlic, kimchi, cheese, or egg. With the help of their house-made sauces, garlic shoyu and sweet teriyaki are meant to “enhance and add flavors to all … dishes.”

Overall, Sizzling Lunch is a great addition to the selection of I.V. foods that we’re all used to. Despite the slightly intimidating price, many students have acknowledged a great satisfaction to their meals in Sizzling Lunch. 

It’s honestly a great spot for a memorable date that leaves you thinking you’re meant-to-be after ordering similar add-ons.

Sizzling Lunch is currently hiring, and “wants to become a platform for the younger generation to learn about business, communication, hospitality, and most importantly, hard work.” 

For Dillion Le, Sizzling Lunch provided an opportunity to progress and grow as a young entrepreneur. He hopes to “impact and give hopefully anybody here the same opportunity and growth that Sizzling Lunch has provided” for him.

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