Slushii Brings Fresh Beats and High Energy to the EOS Lounge

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Spencer Wu
Senior Copy Editor

As a part of Monster Energy’s Outbreak Tour, Slushii played a set at EOS Lounge on Wednesday, May 8. In front of a packed house filled with students, locals, and die-hard Slushii supporters sporting his iconic jersey, the American DJ played an hour-and-a-half set, mixing old school throwbacks, current pop hits, and his popular EDM songs.

Off the stage, Julian Scanlan wears his brand on his chest and even his head. Known for his electric green hair, Scanlan also sports his colorful and vibrant Slushii jerseys, maintaining true to his brand. His captivating character is exemplified in his music and even his visuals; bright images of cartoons abound in his discography, reflecting the animated effects of his music.

Slushii brought his iconic video game-like beats, mixing bouncy, energetic sounds, and, of course, his eccentric character and brand, into his concert. Some major highlights he performed included his personal hits like “Twinbow” and many collaborations with fellow DJ, Marshmello. The entire 90-minute performance was jam packed with high energy, surprising drops, and beat switches.

He started his mix off with a bang, incorporating one of his most iconic songs with Marshmello, “Want U 2.” This song personifies Slushii as an artist, showcasing his cheerful and lively tendencies on the DJ controller. It incorporates a fun and upbeat tone while promoting positive lyrics.

Slushii showcased his versatility via his seamless transitions between polarized genres of music. For example, he would play trap hits like Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” and Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” followed up by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch.” This frenzied mixture of songs got the crowd going as it appealed to all types of musical interests.

As the set progressed, some of the bass-heavy EDM drops got a little repetitive, but Slushii kept the energy up with his periodic chants. His patented plea, “Somebody scream!,”  and his captivating visuals, like an image of Optimus Prime repeatedly dabbing, highlighted his zany and unique style.

His second-to-last song was a popular mash-up of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” infused with San Holo’s “Light.” This drop garnered the highest praise from the crowd right before Slushii transitioned into his final and most recognizable song, “There x2,” another track with Marshmello.

The denouement of the performance details his longing for someone, a sad sentiment contrasted with the upbeat and happy backdrop. The track repeatedly recycles the phrase “I still miss you,” but the variety of the beat and the slow build-up to the drop don’t make the phrase seem too trite. After going off the stage, the crowd urged for an encore, prompting Slushii to play a mix of Drake Bell’s “I Found a Way,” the theme song to the popular television show “Drake & Josh.”

Even as a DJ who is accustomed to playing in front of thousands of people, Slushii delivered a successful, albeit more intimate, show at EOS Lounge last week. Replace the huge festival crowds with a smaller audience and far fewer theatrics and people might expect a subpar performance. However, equipped with his fun and fresh beats and high-octane energy, Slushii provided an outstanding musical listening experience for his enthusiastic crowd.

At the beginning of the Monster Tour, the energy drink company collaborated with Up & Up Festival to bring Slushii to six colleges whose students ordered the most pre-sale tickets. UC Santa Barbara didn’t qualify as finalists like it did for Gryffin in 2018, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Slushii’s name on the lineup card for EOS Lounge’s May rotation. He will continue to tour around the United States in May with his next show at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on May 11.