Brownies & Lemonade Hosts First EDM Event in Santa Barbara


Spencer Wu
Senior Copy Editor

Brownies & Lemonade (B&L), the host of spontaneous and mysterious EDM events, brought their first ever show to Santa Barbara, lighting up EOS Lounge on Friday, May 3. Under the tagline “Bringing our Good Friends with Us,” the 21+ show hosted a lineup of mystery DJs only hinted at through Emojis posted on the event page. Carrying the tradition, B&L once again sold out a venue without announcing the full lineup beforehand, a testament to their following and impressive track record.

The first artist brought out was Hikeii, an underground and Soundcloud-based DJ who primarily makes remixes of songs. Following Hikeii was Tim Gunter, a musical artist who infused popular trap songs, classic EDM drops, and club bangers in his set.

During Gunter’s performance, the dance floor at EOS was filling up as people were flooding in the doors. Both artists personify B&L’s agenda of putting on highly talented yet mostly undiscovered DJs.

The main headliners of the show included Filipino DJ Sweater Beats and New York-based Luca Lush. Sweater Beats showcased his unique blend of R&B and electronic dance music in front of a maximum-capacity crowd.

Armed with his smooth transitions and wholehearted drops, Luca’s house music had the audience enraptured, encouraging them to jump and dance along to every rhythm, lyric, and beat.

The last performer was Luca Lush, a longtime friend of Brownies & Lemonade. According to an article by LA Weekly, Lush performed at the first ever Brownies show in their UCLA apartment, reflecting the motto of supporting the fraternity of DJs.

Luca Lush played bass-heavy music, rocking the EOS crowd with a variety of beat switches and popular club hits. Lush also captivated the audience by taking off his shirt, hyping up the entire crowd to go crazy for the second half of his performance.

Aside from the music, the most compelling aspect of Brownies and Lemonade is how connected and intimate they are with their fans. They listen to feedback to improve their current events, unearth some hidden talent in the Soundcloud world, and try to put on new shows in different locations. In a recent Instagram post, they “heard from countless [people] that they were so happy they finally didn’t have to drive 2+ hours to LA to attend one of [their] parties.”

Touring primarily around California, B&L has essentially trademarked the small, underground pop-up EDM scene. Amassing a following primarily through social media and word of mouth, Brownies & Lemonade has, in a sense, revolutionized the EDM scene and provided a more convenient alternative in a time period of weekend-long festivals and raves.

Combining the element of surprise with their surprisingly low ticket prices ($10 for Tier 1), the shows put on by Brownies & Lemonade will definitely satisfy a partygoers’ music-and-dance sweet tooth.