Süp and Jüs Opens Its Doors in Goleta

Photo by Micah Morales | The Bottom Line

Zeena Omar

The next time you’re passing through Goleta, consider dropping by Süp and Jüs, new neighbor — and sister restaurant — to Kyle’s Kitchen. To celebrate their grand opening, Süp and Jüs is offering sixty days of deals.

Inspired by Barcelona’s Mercat de la Boqueria, the owners of Kyle’s Kitchen have established a charming local quick stop with a variety of soups, juices, sandwiches, salads, and even pastries. The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day — maximizing convenience for a visit.

Despite being a convenient get-in-and-get-out place, the atmosphere at Süp and Jüs is notably inviting, matching its smiling umlaut logo.

The establishment offers a daily rotation of seven hot soups, samples for which are fresh and available, making it easy for guests to make a well-informed decision before ordering. I was eager to sample the soups, yet was quickly disappointed that none were vegetarian-friendly on the day that I visited. My humble request to Süp and Jüs would be to consider more vegetarian-friendly options within all specific rotations, rather than on the menu as a whole.

Fortunately, beyond the rotation of the hot and ready soups of the day is a wider selection of refrigerated soups to-go, a welcome option if your favorite variety is not being served hot that day. In this way, Süp and Jüs is firmly in the business of making the customer feel accommodated.

The organic vegetarian chili was packed with beans, vegetables, spices, and most importantly, great flavor. At a price of $5, the soup certainly provides its value, as this chili was hearty and filling.

Though the establishment’s focus revolves around soup and juice, I couldn’t help but be tempted to try their appetizing sides. The Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese caught my eye, and upon ordering it, I was not disappointed. It was rich and creamy, with the peppers and Chile seasoning giving ordinary macaroni and cheese a unique flair.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, there is also a wide selection available. However, the pre-made turkey and cheddar sandwich was underwhelming. It tasted exactly the way you would expect turkey and cheese on bread to taste, but unfortunately, did not offer any particular twist or added flavoring beyond that.

Quench your thirst with one of their freshly-made juices, sitting in the refrigerator that might be mistaken for a colorful art display. The tropical pineapple strawberry juice made for a refreshing and healthy drink to grab to go. The flavor itself was ordinary, though still a great quality and nutrition value for its price of $4.

Overall, Süp and Jüs makes a nice stop if you are in the area and looking for a delicious and wholesome bite to go.