Sophie Meiers Showcases a Musical Shift on “Wingspan (Demos)”


Vanessa Su

Kicking off the year of 2019, Sophie Meiers, a SoundCloud artist who hails from Durango, Colorado, released a self-produced album of supposed demo music called Wingspan (Demos) on Jan. 8. Her second EP album, Wingspan (Demos) showcases Meiers’ unique ability to shift musical genres as she transitions from lo-fi tracks to more bedroom pop influences in her songs.

Meiers is among a rising wave of nontraditional artists on the Internet who are building their fan bases by relying on platforms such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify. After first featuring on BKA Iz’s “Not My Home” in 2016, Meiers started to collaborate with more mainstream artists such as vbnd, Verzache, and Nohidea.

Her claim to fame was “Sincerely, Yours” featuring Nohidea, a track that became immensely popular in 2017 and currently has nearly 4800 Shazams. Her style centers on softer vocals accompanied by light jazz elements as well as heavy reliance on lo-fi music.

Wingspan (Demos) is a short-but-sweet EP that contains four tracks: “Day by Day/Box of Cards,” “Forget Me Not,” “Glorious Disaster,” and “Bruises and Satin.” In the first track, “Day by Day/Box of Cards,” Meiers croons about the frustration of unrequited love while accompanied by synth sounds and drums/guitars in the background.

A classic example of her bedroom ballads, “Forget Me Not” focuses on heartbreak and the inability to move on as Meiers sings that “one of these days they say/that I will wake up.” The next track, “Glorious Disaster,” is a more creative take for Meiers as her light voice is paired with trap sounds as well as unique synth sounds to emphasize the ability of love to be toxic.

“Bruises and Satin” is the last track on the album and lets listeners finish on a bittersweet note as Meiers sings about the push and pull of love (or essentially the double-sidedness it has) and her painful experiences with falling helplessly in love.

Currently, Meiers is on tour with Cautious Clay as a guest artist as she transitions from producing tracks on the Internet to bigger music platforms. In this erratic world, Meiers proudly represents a rising generation of artists who strive to push musical boundaries, who cater to young audiences, who challenge the definition of music, and who create new genres of music such as lo-fi and chill music.

Wingspan (Demos) is out and available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. For her next musical feat, Meiers will be going on tour with Hot Flash Heat Wave and Little Fevers at 1st Amendment Tattoo in Bakersfield, CA starting on Feb. 15. As an artist with immense talent and potential, she will no doubt produce many more beautiful albums in the near future as her musical style continues to grow.

Author’s recommended song: “Forget Me Not.”


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