KCSB and Isla Vista Food Co-op Host Local Open Mic Night

Photo by Paul Ruiz | Staff Photographer

Annie Huang

On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 17, local community radio station KCSB hosted its first Open Mic Night of the year in collaboration with the Isla Vista Food Co-op. The event featured live music, stand-up comedy, and poetry.

Guest performers included students of all years from UCSB, as well as local members of the Isla Vista and Santa Barbara community. Local artists performed acoustic covers of popular tracks and even original music created by the performers themselves.

The spoken word topics ranged from the lighthearted to genuine expression of relevant issues — from humorous jokes and anecdotes of daily life to poetry against stereotypes and for pride in oneself.

KCSB aims to host Open Mic Nights as a form of outreach, giving members of the community a platform to showcase their work and talent.

“KCSB, being the radio station on campus, [really] likes promoting community work and community contributions,” said second-year UCSB student Molly McAnany, the assistant program director for KCSB.

The event took place in front of the Isla Vista Food Co-op grocery store. Despite the venue being relatively small without much formal seating, the event’s featured expression was met with rapt attention.

The audience adjusted to the space, finding ways to allow as many people to see and hear the performers as possible, creating an intimate and cozy setting. The Isla Vista Food Co-op also contributed a steady supply of food and refreshments for all attendees.

Along with the Isla Vista Food Co-op, KCSB Open Mic Night was also sponsored by Lucidity Festivals and The Guardian Team security service.

The sponsorship from Lucidity Festivals allowed for lights and decorations that gave off an ethereal vibe, much like the festivals hosted by the company. They also provided a station for “Lucidi-Tea,” herbal tea to keep staff and guests warm and hydrated in the colder weather.

The Guardian Team ensured that everybody in the event was safe, promoting community among staff, performers, the audience and local residents.

KCSB partners with various locations within Isla Vista and Santa Barbara to host Open Mic Nights every quarter of the school year. KCSB’s soonest upcoming live performance will be held on Nov. 30.