“FoxFi” App Provides a Solution for Android WiFi Sharing


Tomas Palpallatoc
Staff Writer

FoxFi is an often overlooked app that is available through the Google Play Store. Although it has recently lost its ability to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot, it still has a lot to offer, including the ability to directly tether your phone to your computer. This creates an ethernet connection for your device using your phone’s data.

In order to use FoxFi’s direct connection function, FoxFi’s external software must be installed onto the computer you are attempting to tether your phone to. This physical tether feature is more effective in terms of data usage, but if you want a truly wireless internet connection, FoxFi’s sister app by the same developers, PDA Net+, does exactly that. It also allows one device access to bluetooth connections and a direct hotspot.

These apps have two primary pitfalls. First off, FoxFi limits the connection speed it provides, preventing it from effectively providing enough bandwidth for downloads or online games. However, by purchasing a FoxFi key for $7.99, the usage limit ceases to be an issue.

Another issue is that FoxFi and PDA Net+ are quite unstable. Connections will sometimes completely drop or fluctuate in their quality. Software updates and newer phones also work against FoxFi’s promised features because phone companies do not want to endorse free mobile tethering, which is why FoxFi’s original hotspot feature no longer functions.

Despite its challenges, FoxFi is still a helpful solution for lack of a wifi hotspot. If you have an Android phone and a data plan that can support it, it will come in handy.