Coffee Organiks is Sure to Perk Isla Vistans Up

Photo by Charles Stock | Staff Photographer

Charles Stock
Staff Writer

Coffee Organiks, one of the newest businesses to arrive in Isla Vista, offers affordable, authentic, 100 percent organic South American coffee – setting itself apart by delivering straight to residents’ doorsteps.

Michael Trump, founder of Coffee Organiks, has fostered a personal connection with South America by spending time traveling the continent. He has even worked on the same coffee plantations in Costa Rica which now supply the coffee he provides to fellow Isla Vista residents.

Coffee Organiks was launched on Nov. 6, 2018, in Isla Vista in hopes of competing with existing corporations, while also providing the community with a more efficient and personal way to acquire coffee.

His inventory consists of imported coffee from Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Ecuador, and he delivers it via bicycle throughout Isla Vista, opting only to drive a car for larger deliveries.

After traveling and working in South America for a year and a half, Trump met a woman from California who stole his heart, eventually leading to his relocation. He brought with him an acquired taste for authentic coffee and connections which allowed him to begin sharing his imported coffee with friends.

His friends were so fond of his coffee that they began purchasing it regularly. After considering the scarcity of high-quality — yet affordable— coffee, Michael and his business partner decided to import batches from all over the South American continent to deliver to friends, colleagues, and customers.

In an interview, Trump told The Bottom Line that he considers delivering tasteful and exotic coffee “more of a passion than a business.” He insists on spreading the taste of paradise throughout Isla Vista for fair prices because he considers large coffee companies to be excessively chemically altered, expensive, and impersonal.

Trump thrives on seeing the smile on people’s faces when they try his coffee. “I’d rather see Isla Vista’s community drink better coffee for better prices, and ultimately just enjoy freshly brewed imported coffee,” he said.

Customers have found it easy to place orders, simply contacting Trump through text message or on social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook; interested Isla Vistans simply include their order, an address for delivery, and the preferred timing of the delivery.

This process is set to grow even more streamlined with an upcoming website launch, followed by an app launch in the upcoming month.

Coffee Organiks accepts both cash and Venmo, and encourages environmentally conscious container choices, rewarding patrons who use their own mugs or containers with a 50-cent discount.

Waste of transport containers is minimized as well through the use of Hydro Flasks — dually appropriate as they maintain proper temperature in drinks being delivered, which come as hot coffee, iced coffee, or cold brew.

Current hours target the early risers of the world, extending from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. from Monday through Thursday, and extending to 11:30 a.m. on weekends. These relatively short hours are balanced, however, by the flexibility of ordering in advance.

The company’s official launch attracted more than 200 users on Facebook alone. In addition, Coffee Organiks intends to provide special prices and beverage options during final exam season, and even adding coffee beans to their menu by December.

As of now, Coffee Organiks is a quickly growing company providing a new method for Isla Vistans to get their morning cup of joe. “That’s us,” said Trump. “What you see is what you get; fresh coffee on time.”


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