Letter to the Editor: EVPSA Special Elections


Associated Students Elections Board submitted a Letter to the Editor on Oct. 16 in regards to the EVPSA Special Elections this week.

Associated Students Elections Board is currently working on the Associated Students Special Elections! AS Elections Board is, according to AS Legal Code, recommended by the Committee on Committees, appointed by the President, and then approved by the Senate. The current members of AS Elections Board include the chair, John Paul Renteria with five general members — Davis Quan, Emma Xing, Rachel Wiesenthal-Coffey, Hattie Grace, and Andrew Yan. AS Elections Board is charged with coordinating the mechanics of elections, whether that be the Spring General Elections or the Special Elections (Article VI.16.A)

A Special Election is a very rare occurrence. The most recently documented special elections happened in 2014 after a candidate was sworn in but subsequently resigned. This special election is focused on the vacancy of the Office of External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) and the dire need to fill said vacancy. The EVPSA is an important position because it represents the undergraduate students on a federal and statewide level. They, along with other student government elected officials, should represent us students.

First off, why is there a Special Elections?

  • There’s a special election because the Office of External Vice President of Statewide Affairs has been vacant since the end of Spring Quarter.

Second, what does the Office of External Vice President of Statewide Affairs do?

  • They represent student interest on the federal and statewide level, and in the UC System.

Third, why is there is a 16 percent voter threshold?

  • Taking the past two special elections’ voter turnout and it averaged out to 16 percent.

Fourth, how can students vote?

  • You can vote on GOLD and it just takes a quick minute. You can also follow the provided link! Once you’re logged onto GOLD, a message should pop up under announcements. That message will tell you about the special elections with a link that will direct you to a log in page! That login page will ask for your NetID, and once you input the needed information, you’ll be able to vote.
  • https://vote.as.ucsb.edu/

If any of you are interested in helping out to get the vote out, email us or just spread the word! Any help is definitely appreciated!