A. S. Senator Mordi Shadpour Resigns

Image Courtesy of Mordi Shadpour

Minh Hua
Campus Beat Reporter

Prior to the start of the first Associated Students Senate meeting of the 2018 school year, Off-Campus Senator Mordi Shadpour has tendered his resignation. His resignation will be made official during the meeting on Wednesday evening.

According to Shadpour, “after months of deliberation and hard decisions I decided to transfer to the USC Marshall School of Business, where I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. A huge factor in my decision making process was the cost of school — I was fortunate enough to receive a variety of scholarships from USC that brought my expenses to a net positive.”

A.S. Legal Code states that, after the resignation of a Senator, the Internal Vice President, Student Government Advisor, or A.S. Secretary will notify and swear in the official runner-up no later than two weeks after the resignation is official.

However, in the case there are no official runner-ups, an official Senate Ad Hoc Committee will be formed to interview possible replacements and submit its recommendation for approval by the full Senate within five weeks after the official resignation of the Senator.

Additionally, if there is a tie between the official runner-ups, the Senate Ad Hoc Committee will interview the two or more official runner-ups and submit its recommendation for approval by a required two-thirds approval by the Senate.

Once a replacement is determined, the Internal Vice President shall swear in the individual.

“Even though I am sad that I won’t be serving on the Senate this year, I am confident in the abilities of the Senate and I’m certain they’ll do a great job,” Shadpour said.

Minh Hua
Minh Hua is a third year English and Mathematical Sciences major currently working as the Campus Beat Reporter for TBL. In his free time, he likes to cook, code, read, and lift. If it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year, feel free to reach out to Minh because he'll be there for you!


  1. nooo!!! not this guy!! nooo i literally got all my friends to vote for him… he was the one good candidate lol and didn’t he win 1st place????

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