British Musician Elderbrook to Fill SoHo With Electro-Indie Beats


Mia Pollini
Staff Writer

British electronic artist and producer Elderbrook will be performing with Imagined Herbal Flowers on Valentine’s Day this upcoming Wednesday at Santa Barbara’s very own SoHo music venue. Elderbrook, whose real name is Alexander Kotz, first played in an indie band when he was 16. He tried being a singer-songwriter at age 19 until he discovered the endless possibilities of electronic music at university.

With indie music, there’s a guitar and a bass and a drum kit and a singer,” Elderbrook said in an interview with Redbull. “With electronic music, there’s an infinite amount of sounds to be made.”

Elderbrook released his double-EP Talking in 2017. His hit song “Cola,” with British DJ and production duo CamelPhat, was nominated for the best dance recording Grammy this past year. The single perfectly exemplifies Elderbrook’s style, pairing bouncy electronic beats with smooth vocals.

Other prominent Elderbrook tracks include “Could,” “Closer,” and “Talking.” The music video for “Could” is a trippy animation that conveys the song’s emotion through pulsing images and colorful, abstract faces. Throughout the last couple years, the British DJ has collaborated with Joe Goddard and Starsmith, among several others.

At only 23 years old, with a sound comprised of neo-soul, silky vocals, various house tempos, and unique recorded sounds, Elderbrook has come across the pond to take America by storm. Check out most of Elderbrook’s music on his SoundCloud account.