An Incredibly Romantic Valentine’s Day Guide for UCSB Students

Illustration by Esther York / Staff Illustrator

Anais Tournier

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some Gauchos are struggling to make firm plans for the holiday. Here are a few date ideas that will make your babe grin ear to ear.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Significant others can make a person go bananas. So for this Valentine’s Day, show your love how crazy you are for them over a banana split from IV Drip. For only $7.50, you can take turns feeding each other ice cream under the newly installed (not to mention romantic) stop light. Warning: relationships will be put to the test when the dessert dwindles to the last spoonful.

  1. How Beachy

If you are looking to be everyone’s #relationshipgoals this Valentine’s Day, take your person to Sands beach for a charming picnic. Pack some chocolate covered strawberries and wine in a paper bag to best appreciate the picture-perfect sunset.

It will just be you, your bae, a cool breeze…and the 80 other couples who had the same idea.

  1. Get Adventurous

Are you and your sweetheart looking to be adventurous on Feb. 14? Lucky for you, the Adventure Program offers many activities for people who want to go out and do something daring. Try to climb the Recreation Center’s rock wall while holding hands. Rent a two person kayak and paddle the night away. Or at least until the rental shack closes at 5 p.m.

  1. Make a Mov(i)e

If you are more of a couch potato, take your boo bear to the West Wind Drive-In. The most exercise you will have to do is the walk to and from the concession stand. Nothing screams romance more than a large popcorn and blue raspberry icee. Don’t have a car? You and your love can still settle for watching “Fifty Shades Freed” on the smaller screen in Camino Real Cinemas.

  1. Dashingly Danish

Want to be incredibly cultured this Valentine’s Day? Take your lovebug to Solvang and experience what the Danish city has to offer. If you are a couple who enjoys the finer things, you will be blown away by the Elverhøj Museum of History & Art, the Wildling Museum of Art & Nature, and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. After an exhausting day of examining art, you and your significant other can enjoy a relaxing horse-drawn carriage ride back to the car.

6. Courtship is Important

Are you guilty of not making any Valentine’s Day plans yet? Don’t worry, take your honeybee to the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Take a stroll in the garden or take the stairs to the clock tower. Your darling will be so amazed by the 360 view of Santa Barbara that they will drop any charges they had against you for forgetting to make a real plan. The verdict? Adorable.

If cuffing season didn’t go as planned, don’t fret. There are plenty of activities for you single pringles to do this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Doughn’t Fret

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day with an assortment of doughnuts from Spudnuts. Take them home and give some to your housemates! Or eat all of them by yourself while sobbing and watching “The Notebook.”

  1. Forget the Love Games

Nothing can make those sappy couple Instagram posts more bearable than beer pong with the bros/gals. Want to make it more romantic? Play under the stars listening to some John Mayer.

  1. Take a Chance

The 14th is a day for real, genuine love, so put yourself out there! Make a Tinder and match with the hottie in your biology section. Or go party it up at Sharkeez and share a fishbowl with your crush. The possibilities are endless this Valentine’s season!