Bailee Abell
Staff Writer

Students, faculty, staff, and loved ones gathered on Friday to honor David B. Miller, the former Associated Students Assistant Publications Coordinator who passed away on Mar. 20 in his home. The memorial, hosted by A.S., was held in the courtyard outside Corwin Pavilion on what would have been Miller’s 47th birthday. To commemorate Miller’s life and service to the campus community, Associated Students renamed A.S. Publications to David B. Miller A.S. Publications.

A.S. President Austin Hechler attended the memorial and spoke to honor Miller, sharing stories and anecdotes of his time working with him. “Through his work, I think we can find motivation to work harder and always give back to the students,” Hechler said.

The president spoke of his experiences working with Miller on a project to make course readers more affordable for students. “David was really the first staff member that I ever really picked up a project with,” he said. “David was just so helpful, and he brought more energy to the project than I did. He just really, really inspired service to the student body … He will surely be missed.”

The A.S. Senate recently passed a resolution that renames A.S. Publications in Miller’s honor, with the new name acting to “serve as a symbol for his hard work.” The resolution reads, “David Miller was a good man with a wonderful work ethic who was dedicated to supporting student endeavors and enhancing the student experience in ways of service that made obtaining an education more affordable.” A framed copy of the resolution was gifted to Miller’s family, and a second framed copy, along with Miller’s photo, will hang in the shop.

Following the revealing of the new David B. Miller A.S. Publications sign, Miller’s fellow A.S. staff members, colleagues, and loved ones shared memories and messages about his life and service. Miller’s wife, Hana, as well as his mother, Nicole Anter, shared their words of gratitude for the memorial, after which attendees gathered more closely with one another to share their own thoughts and feelings. Miller is survived by his wife and two young children, and his memory will now live on campus permanently.

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