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After Samurai Jack, What Other Cartoon Network Shows Could Use an Adult Swim Reboot?

After Samurai Jack, What Other Cartoon Network Shows Could Use an Adult Swim Reboot?
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Jennica Martin
Staff Writer

The late 2000s was a dark time for Cartoon Network. During these years, the channel cancelled many of its iconic cartoon shows and tried to replace them with forgettable live-action reality shows that no one asked for. It has managed to redeem itself with some genuinely good cartoons, but sometimes I still find myself missing the shows I used to watch as a child.

Thankfully, Cartoon Network’s mature counterpart Adult Swim has given us the opportunity to relive our childhood days by renewing the iconic show “Samurai Jack.” This show is about a time-traveling samurai who constantly fights futuristic villains with the ultimate goal of defeating the evil god Aku and returning back to his time. It was a dark show with some intense PG violence and heavy themes, which is what made it so memorable. Adult Swim has always been known for its weird, mature content, thus making “Samurai Jack” a perfect match.

I’m hoping that this trend of renewing old classic cartoons continues, so here are a few Cartoon Network shows I’d like to see once more on Adult Swim. Adult Swim is an odd channel, but compared to other channels, it’s more likely to preserve the unique and peculiar tone the old Cartoon Network shows had.

Codename: Kids Next Door

I realize the irony in rebooting a show titled “Kids Next Door” on Adult Swim, but I think it could be incredibly fun to watch. This would be a little trickier to adapt because the show was about kid spies, but I’d imagine the reboot would focus on these former kid spies as adults trying to dismantle the evil Grown-Up System from the inside.

All of the characters we knew and loved would have normal, boring jobs by day, but would work as spies by night. I want to see these characters try to balance their jobs, marriages, and families while also trying to save the world. In one minute, they’re trying to attend their kids’ soccer game and in another, they’re trying to stop an evil scientist from taking over the world. They would of course still have the crazy inventions and sophisticated headquarters, but with a few more upgrades from the resources they have.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

“Ed, Edd n Eddy” was notably one of the most disturbing shows on Cartoon Network — not because it was creepy or scary, but because of how odd it was. The jawbreakers were the size of basketballs, Ed once swallowed an entire mattress, at some point they travel to another dimension; that’s only the beginning of a long list of odd things that happened on this show. It would be hilarious and equally disturbing to see these kids grown up and still trying to scheme their way through life.

The “Eds” were all very different personality-wise so they probably grew apart as they grew up, but the ringleader Eddy would undoubtedly try to lasso back Ed and Edd for one final scam. The scam would naturally fail, but at that point, they would all realize how much fun they have together, so they’d continue scheming. They’d continue wearing ridiculous disguises and building outrageous theme parks just so they could make a couple extra bucks.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

As a child, “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” taught me to embrace my imagination, so it would only be fair if I imagined what a new season would be like. I’d imagine that a new season would focus on some of the original characters but also an entirely new set of characters to keep it refreshing. The main character Mac would probably be too old to need an imaginary friend, so the focus would be on his former imaginary friend Bloo and the latter’s attempts to get adopted.

Bloo would still be a troublemaker of course, so he’d somehow manage to trick his way into getting adopted, only to end up in a mess and returned to Foster’s Home. It would be entertaining to see Bloo’s shenanigans again, and even more entertaining to see what other imaginary friends could exist. I’d like to see all of the other friends that come and go, how the orphanage gradually changed over the years, and the world outside of Foster’s Home. This show has so many possibilities when it comes to new characters, and I wish I could see more of it.

Teen Titans

“Teen Titans” is arguably one of the greatest cartoons ever created. This action-packed TV show was centered on the iconic teenage superhero team from DC Comics. This was not actually produced by Cartoon Network, but it was such an amazing show I think it deserves another season. It most certainly does not deserve a disappointing satirical remake titled “Teen Titans Go!” (which most fans of the original series have vehemently ignored).

There are a lot of DC animated shows in circulation already, but “Teen Titans” had a more distinct, quirkier sense of humor compared to those others, making it a great fit for Adult Swim. It would be nice to revisit these characters and finally get some resolution after the cliffhanger finale. We’d finally get to see what happened to the earth manipulator Terra after she’d been brainwashed. We’d see more of the team’s family members, especially Raven’s and Starfire’s families.

We’d also probably see Batman, because he’s such a key figure in the DC universe and also, why not? Most importantly, we’d see more evil, demented villains that would test the Titans even further. This show never shied away from switching between dark themes to silly humor, so we would definitely see more of that.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Return the slaaab! Return the slaaab!

That simple line single-handedly traumatized an entire generation of children, which is why I think it’d be perfect on Adult Swim. “Courage the Cowardly Dog” was a supernatural horror show about a dog constantly trying to save his owners from monsters, creatures, unhinged barbers, and so much more. It was a perfect combination of slapstick comedy, dry humor, and straight-up horror and it was a shame that it was cancelled so early. If it were to be renewed on Adult Swim, I hardly doubt there would be any changes, which is why it should be next on the reboot list.


  1. A redo on the powerpuff girls the new one sucks especially teen titans. I wouldn’t mind another courage the cowardly dog or edd ed n eddy, or possibly dexter’s lab and Johnny Bravo.

    • Or if they don’t reboot it they should rerun the series I don’t know why they don’t do that ir will probably even boost their ratings and get the new generation into what I grew up watching

  2. Yeah I highly doubt that Ed, Edd n Eddy will get rebooted at all. Even Danny Antonucci (the creator of the show) won’t dare let CN get their hands on it unless they get his blessing.

    • let it go. Inuyasha’s over. Blood+ is over. Bleach is over. Trinity Blood ain’t coming back on the account of its author being dead. Soul Eater’s done so why don’t you read Fire Force. It’s from the same creator of Soul Eater.

  3. I want “Total Drama” back. I really miss their “Ridonculous Race” series.

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