Fall Movie Preview: Films to Watch Before the Year Ends


Jennica Martin
Staff Writer

As the summer blockbuster season comes to an end and the Oscar season approaches, you might be wondering which movies are worth watching before the year ends. There are a ton of films that are coming out in the next few months, so here’s a short list of motion pictures to watch that you might have not considered watching before.

The Dressmaker – September 23

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

“The Dressmaker” is a small independent Australian film that probably won’t be shown in very many theaters, but it’s a film that people should definitely watch. It’s a comedic drama starring Kate Winslet, who plays a fashion designer who returns to her rural hometown to figure out her past and exact revenge on the eccentric people there. It also stars Liam Hemsworth, who plays the love interest and the only normal person in the entire town. It’s a fun film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is a good contrast to all of the serious films coming out.

The Girl on the Train – October 7

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“The Girl on the Train” is a murder mystery starring Emily Blunt, who plays a troubled woman that witnesses the killing of a woman linked to her ex-husband and gets involved in her murder case. This film was based on a best-selling novel, so if adapted properly it will both serve that book justice and still work well as a stand-alone film. The exciting, intense trailers seem to indicate that this film will be a nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat thriller. Emily Blunt is also a talented actress, so she seems capable of carrying a dark, heavy thriller like this.

The Handmaiden – October 21

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“The Handmaiden” has been humorously coined by The Vulture as “The Korean Lesbian Gothic Revenge Thriller That’s Captivated Cannes.” This film is about a Korean woman who works as a handmaiden for a Japanese heiress as a part of a scheme to obtain her money. Based on the trailers, this film is obviously more than just a heist thriller and has the potential to completely astound the audience. The director of this film, Chan-wook Park, is responsible for the classic revenge thriller “Oldboy,” which shocked and amazed viewers across the globe, and he will likely do the same with “The Handmaiden.”

Loving – November 4

Image Courtesy of Freedom To Marry Flickr

After receiving a standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, there should be very high expectations for “Loving.” This film is a drama about an eponymous interracial couple, Bill and Mildred Loving, from Virginia who go to jail for getting married during the segregation era in the 1950s. The film follows their life and struggles as an interracial family and gives us a personal look into how segregation has affected families. Segregation has been an important part of American history, and this film will certainly reflect that through its emotional storyline.

Arrival – November 11

Image Courtesy of Youtube Fresh Movie Trailers

“Arrival” is a sci-fi thriller about a linguist played by Amy Adams who is recruited by the government to help communicate with aliens after the arrival of their ship. This might be the film that finally gives Amy Adams an Oscar after being nominated five times, but regardless of awards, she will undoubtedly give a great performance. Denis Villenueve, the director, has brought viewers many other exciting films such as “Prisoners” and “Sicario.” Arrival” will undoubtedly be another exciting, iconic thriller to add on to that list.

Moana – November 23

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

After years of focusing on already popular European princess tales, Disney has finally made an original film focusing on a Polynesian princess. In this film, the princess Moana embarks on a journey with the assistance of a demi-god, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, to find a fabled island. Disney has always been well known for making fun, family-friendly and universally-loved films, so there’s no doubt that “Moana” will be another classic Disney film.

La La Land – December 2

Image Courtesy of GeeksofDoom.com

“La La Land” is a musical drama starring the hilarious duo Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and is directed by Damien Chazelle. Stone and Gosling play an aspiring actress and a jazz pianist who fall in love in the City of Angels. They have always been able to portray their hilarious, fantastic chemistry on the other films where they worked together, so their dynamic will definitely contribute to this film. Damien Chazelle wrote and directed the Oscar-winning film “Whiplash,” and it was known for its exciting and unique tone, which Chazelle will likely bring onto “La La Land.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – December 16

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The “Star Wars” series has been popular since the late 1970s, so it’s almost unnecessary to mention the new, upcoming “Star Wars” movie, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” For those who are unfamiliar with this film, it’s a prequel that takes place before episode four of the original “Star Wars” trilogy. It focuses on a group of rebels that try to steal the plans for the infamous Death Star. The cast for this film is talented and diverse, so their performances and their characters will definitely be iconic. One of the most iconic characters of film history, Darth Vader, will make an appearance as well, so “Rogue One” will have everything it needs to be an iconic “Star Wars” film.

Hidden Figures – December 25

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

“Hidden Figures” tells the untold story of the team of black women that contributed to the NASA space program. Without their mathematical talents, NASA may have never launched ships into space, so a film dedicated to these women has been long overdue. It stars the lively and charismatic Taraji P. Henson, the Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer and the talented musician Janelle Monáe as these intelligent mathematicians. This film will celebrate the talents and achievements of unnoticed women, which is a great to end the year.