I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghostbusters

Image Courtesy of The Nerd Patrol Flickr

Jennica Martin
Staff Writer

Despite all the odds, disapproval and criticism, Ghostbusters exceeded everyone’s expectations by being a genuinely good film. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the latest reboot of Ghostbusters once it was announced that the Ghostbusters crew would all be women. Fans of the original films claimed that this casting decision was ruining their childhoods and would ultimately ruin the film. Fortunately, those fans were wrong and Ghostbusters could easily be seen as the funniest film of the year.

This supernatural comedy about stopping an invasion of ghosts had what every successful blockbuster film should have: a perfect balance of comedy, action and suspense. The ghosts in this film were beautifully animated, and watching them take over New York City in the action-packed climactic scene was one of the movie’s most visually stunning on-screen moments. These beautifully animated yet creepy ghosts added to that perfect balance of comedy and suspense, but it was the actors that brought the film to life.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Saturday Night Live alums that starred in this film left me laughing until tears were streaming down my face. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy play Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, two paranormal researchers who desperately want to prove that ghosts exist. Although personal differences had separated them in the past, the arrival of ghosts brings them back together. Their interactions with each other and the other characters were always funny, and even more importantly, their loving friendship was the heart of the film.

Although Wiig and McCarthy’s characters played an important part, Kate McKinnon stole the show as Jillian Holtzmann, the quirky nuclear engineer who’s responsible for inventing all the insane gadgets the Ghostbusters got to mess around with. On top of having the best comedic moments, she also had the most exciting fight scene at the climax of the film.

Just as funny as McKinnon was Leslie Jones as the subway worker Patty Tolan. Although she isn’t a scientist like the rest of the crew, she still plays an essential role to the film as an unofficial historian and badass Ghostbuster.  She was always caught in terrifying but hilarious situations with ghosts, but she always powered on through, making her one of the bravest as well as one of the funniest characters.

Even Chris Hemsworth, typically known as the Norse demigod Thor in the Marvel films, was hilarious as the bumbling idiotic receptionist Kevin. He has some of the most unbelievable lines and his comedic timing is surprisingly fantastic. It was especially refreshing to see the stereotypical dumb blonde be played by a huge, muscular dude rather than another actress. That fresh take on a common trope definitely added to the comedy.

The most important part of the film, aside from its comedy, was the message it portrayed.  Throughout the entire film, the characters struggled with being taken seriously, and in the end, they managed to prove everyone wrong and save the day. This message is incredibly significant, especially since in reality, we can see that both this film and the actresses in it struggle with being taken seriously. However, we also see that in real life, both the film and the actresses in it were successful, which ties in beautifully with the message of the film.

There were some exciting Easter eggs and cameos from the original films, but it is important to look at this film separately from its predecessors. I think that the fans of the original Ghostbusters will be pleased to see this film, but this film is not only for them. It is also for everyone who will be inspired by it, especially the little girls aspiring to become scientists. For those who still refuse to accept that this film actually has the potential of being good, this is my message to them: this film is not for you anyway. It’s for those who can cast aside their prejudice and be inspired by it. And more simply, it’s for those who just want to watch a good, fun comedy.