Preview: Reel Loud’s 25th Anniversary

Image courtesy of Rorschach

Gustavo Gonzalez

The Reel Loud Film Festival is an annual event held by the students and faculty of the Film and Media Department in which students submit silent films, joined with a live performance. Friday, May 27 marks the 25th anniversary of the Reel Loud Film Festival, a little over two weeks away in Campbell Hall.

The theme that the students are following this year for the festival is “Express It.” This past Saturday, May 7, the committee, consisting of nine voters, decided on which of the 15 film submissions would make it to the festival. The committee included eight students and one professor, Film and Media Studies Professor Anna Brusutti.

Minutes of contemplation followed the screening of the 15 submitted films as the committee judged the films based on technical creativity and originality in narrative.

The submissions varied from a film done through traditional animation to a film re-adapting classic fairy tales with a feminist twist. The committee realized, however, that a common element among the films was dancing as a form of expression. Overall, the audience should expect an enjoyable cavalcade of comedy and interpretive performance.

Noteworthy films include Sense, a technically beautiful short film making great use of camera and precise editing to make the movement of dancing so enjoyable to watch. Conversations is a short film that has the potential to have a great live experience, as it promises the performance of a rapper with lyrical prowess.

Deciding on the qualifying films was an extensive process. The committee had to decide not only on the substance of the film itself, analyzing for entertainment value, but also in terms of scheduling within a set time. There were critiques of a couple of films that the committee considered “a little long.”

Some members felt that there were films that “dragged a bit” and overall “didn’t leave an impression.” There were other films that “had a funny concept, but [weren’t] developed fully.” There was even one that said although “it looks nice, it didn’t make any sense.”

Out of the 15 films, the committee selected 12 to screen, accompanied by performers. These films received comments such as “refreshing” and “entertaining.” Films like Conversations were chosen because the committee was able to “picture the performance … it has potential.” Brusutti felt fond for the film Doot, noting, “It makes a heck of a difference to have acting … film people will enjoy it.” The following is an early draft of the overall film festival schedule (which is subject to change):

Organizers will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show while the crowd settles, followed by an intro video. Act I will include the following films: SenseSurfer and Distance to the Carrot.

Act II will start with a performance by the Thomas Wayne Quartet. It has the three films Money ShotOnce Upon A Story and The Ring. Intermission follows The Ring.

Act III will proceed with UCSB Breakdancing and the films Striped Man, an untitled film and Adrift.

Act IV will begin with Indian Dance, Gaucho Street Dance and Pilipino Dance. Then there will be the films titled Grey Skies and Bare Feet, as well as Conversations. The final film will be a short film titled Doot. The final performance will be by the a cappella group Brothers From Other Mothas.

Tickets for Reel Loud are on sale now for $10 at SSMS 2433.