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Tilt Tour Brings The Chainsmokers to Santa Barbara

Tilt Tour Brings The Chainsmokers to Santa Barbara
Chainsmokers perform for UCSB students at Earl Warren Showgrounds. Veronica Arvizo/Photo Editor

Veronica Arvizo
Photo Editor

In the middle of midterms, University of California, Santa Barbara students were able to party it up with The Chainsmokers at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Tilt held a campaign called “#TiltTour Bring the Chainsmokers To You,” where the first six cities to pre-sell 800 tickets would automatically win a stop on the tour. Buying tickets for the show was stressful for some Gauchos since there was a limited amount of tickets available. The Chainsmokers were definitely popularly demanded because the show completely sold out.

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ duo — Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall — and have been producing music since 2012. Their specialties are progressive house, electro house and EDM.

The concert was on Tues., Feb. 2, from 6-8:45 PM, but time or date definitely didn’t stop Gauchos from turning up. Inside the venue there was a Tilt booth selling official t-shirts for the show as well as a photo booth where attendees could take a photo or a gif and receive it via email. Attendees could have also purchased an official t-shirt online before the show in order to wear it at the event.

Andrew and Alex definitely made sure to bring the energy for the crowd just as the crowd brought energy for The Chainsmokers. Andrew kept jumping on stage and at one point he jumped off and high-fived the front row. The stage featured a DJ booth with a screen and a background screen. For every song the screens displayed a variety of images and lights. In addition to this, there was a line of smoke machines on the edge of the stage, which pumped the crowd up even more. Undoubtedly, one of the main features of the show was all of the lights and lasers that went along with the music.

Taggart and Pall made sure everyone felt the music and had a great time whether you were in the front, back or somewhere squished in the middle. The huge speakers vibrated the floor, and the music filled the entire room. The crowd’s energy kept increasing with each song throughout the night.

On the list of songs they played were their hits, some including “Kanye,” “#Selfie,” “Split (Up),” “Roses” and “New York City.” The crowd went wild and sang along when they mixed Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” Once they finished their set they left the stage, but the crowd chanted for an encore which eventually turned into the “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Gauchos, Gauchos” chant. This got the duo’s attention, and they came back out to do one final song: their brand new single “Don’t Let Me Down” ft. Daya, which was released Feb. 5, the first song from their new album being released later this year.

Gauchos were a part of the first fan-sourced tour held ever, which will definitely be a night everyone will remember. The Chainsmokers know exactly what the crowd wants and how to put on a great show — if you ever get the opportunity to see them live, do it.


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