Dojo Security System Could Be the Keystone of Smart Home Security


Joanne Rhee
Staff Writer

Thanks to those at Dojo-labs, pet rocks have more use than ever.

The Dojo is a new security technology that monitors the network activity of any internet-connected device in your home. According to their website it is, “a security technology that connects to your network, and acts as the essential layer between your smart devices and any threats to your security and privacy.”

There are three parts to the Dojo. The first is a small white box, which connects to the WiFi router to monitor network activity, while the second is the Dojo pebble, a smooth looking stone with three circular rings on its surface. The last is the mobile app, which alerts and updates users on any suspicious activity.

“We all lock our front doors and yet our devices are wide open,” Yossi Atias, co-founder of Dojo-Labs, said. “Our homes contain our most intimate data, but the security of these things is an afterthought. We created Dojo as the first technology to help us safeguard our homes.”

This device is even more relevant than ever considering new technologies that are being added to the home. Devices such as smart locks, security cameras and baby monitors can all be subject to hacking. Internet-connected baby monitors are commonly hacked due to their basic security systems.

“Smart homes need security, and Dojo has been designed specifically for the internet [connection] of things,” Kobi Samboursky, co-founder of Dojo-labs, said. “Dojo-labs is poised to define what the security of [these] things looks like.”

If Dojo notices any unfamiliar activity, it will automatically try to stop it while alerting users via the Dojo app. The rings on the surface will also change color to quickly let users know what’s happening. An orange light will let the user know that there is a problem that Dojo is currently fixing, while a red light means that the user will have to address the problem himself. Otherwise, a white light will signify that everything’s working smoothly.

“This pet rock can be located anywhere at home and give you in the blink of an eye the overall situation of your home security, without giving you all the details,” Atias said.

Essentially, it seeks to simplify cybersecurity for users and allow them to monitor activity with ease.

According to the website, “Dojo’s sophisticated defense system utilizes pattern recognition to learn to detect threats. It does this without even having to look at the data or knowing what’s attacking. Dojo can simply block them. It listens to patterns, not your data, to keep your home safe and data private.”

It learns patterns in a device’s activity to better recognize abnormalities and odd activity.

However, within the abnormalities, Dojo is able to distinguish between “human behavior” and “device behavior.” If the irregularity occurs from a human, Dojo will alert the user and give the user a choice of blocking or allowing the activity.

So far, the Dojo is only available for preorder. The security stone is set to be released Mar. 8, 2016.