Live Coverage and Results of the 2015 AS Elections


Isabelle Geczy

News Editor

As follows are the results from the 2015 Associated Students elections at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

7:09 PM—The Hub has slowly filled with students. Many write-in, independent candidates are in attendance, along with representatives from the Open People’s Party.

7:33 PM—Write-in candidate for College of Letters and Science senator, and second-year global studies major Unique Vance discussed her motivations to participate in elections.

“I guess I decided to run as a write-in because […] I wanted people to have an option and a choice when it comes to voting—a lot of people were unsatisfied with just one party running unopposed,” said Vance. “If people come from communities [that are] marginalized and underrepresented, they really didn’t see themselves represented in the current voting system. I kinda just thought that, well, why not just be a write-in?”

7:59 PM—The AS Elections Committee has entered The Hub. Moments before, Aaron Jones, assistance director for community affairs and student engagement and advocacy, made a brief introductory speech.

“I want to remind all of you about the importance of civility, about the importance of compassion,” said Jones. “There are some who will win, there are some who will lose—at the end of the day, regardless of that, we are all, I’m including myself in this, we are all students, and we all have work to do.”

8:05 PM—All fees up for reaffirmation were unanimously reaffirmed.

8:19 PM—The winners of executive positions are as follows.

AS President: Jimmy Villareal, OPP

IVP: Kimia Hashemian, OPP

EVPLA: Paola Dela Cruz, OPP

EVPSA: Mohsin Mirza, Independent

SAG: Joseline Garcia, Independent