Another Isla Vista Weekend Yields 15 Citations, Two Arrests, One Strong Arm Robbery


A strong arm robbery took place near the junction of El Colegio and Camino Corto late Monday night. The victim was uninjured, but Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department detectives are in the process of investigating the crime.

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, April 23, the victim was walking east along the 6700 block of El Colegio Road when he or she was robbed by bodily force. The suspect, who wore dark clothing, was described as a Hispanic male of small build. He was last seen near the juncture of El Colegio and Camino Corto.

Police could not release any further information for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

Lt. Ray Vuillemainroy of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol commented on the atypical nature of such a robbery occurring on a Monday night, saying that “crimes like this occur, but are fairly rare.”

The robbery was preceded by a rather slow Isla Vista weekend, with crime rates nearly half those of a typical weekend. According to IV Foot Patrol statistics, Foot Patrol deputies issued nine citations for “minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage” and six open container violations. Two individuals were arrested on public drunkenness charges.