UC Regents to Discuss Student Housing, Budget at Upcoming Meeting


The University of California Board of Regents will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at UC San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center to discuss the successful passage of Proposition 30 during the Nov. 6 elections, the UC budget, student housing at the UC Santa Barbara campus, collective bargaining matters and new policies for Student Health and Counseling Services, among other things.

On Tuesday, the Committee on Grounds and Buildings will discuss with the Regents an increase in student housing at UCSB. Additionally, the committee will decide to approve 2013-2014 State Capital Improvements—various infrastructure improvements on each campus—as well as constructing a 265,690 square feet faculty office building at the UCSF campus.

During Wednesday’s public sessions following the public comment period, the Committee on Finance will discuss with the Regents whether to increase or add additional professional degree supplemental tuition for certain professional programs, as well as the status of the 2012-2013 budget and proposals for the 2013-2014 budget. The Committee on Education will discuss with the Regents a proposal to increase undergraduate nonresident enrollment. During closed sessions, Regents will discuss collective bargaining matters, leasing ground to the Yackzan Group as well as acquiring an office building in Berkeley, current lawsuits and trial court developments against the Regents.

After Thursday’s public comment period the Committee on Health Services will discuss with the Regents new policy for Student Health and Counseling services as well as establishing a limited liability corporation between UC Davis Medical Center and Dameron Hospital of Stockton, CA. The Committee on Finance will discuss with the Regents the UC retirement plan.

Following the presentations on Thursday, the Board of Regents will vote to approve or not approve all actions approved by the various committees during the meeting.

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