AS Cheat Sheet: Get To Know UCSB’s Student Government Lingo

Cheyenne Johnson
AS Beat ReporterPhoto Courtesy of Vinay Shivakumar

Shorthand is the spirit of college. The moment you start calling DP by its full name, Del Playa, is the moment everyone will stop inviting you to parties along the infamous beach road. The workings of Associated Students are no different, and since these students make up the student government running your campus, it could never hurt to know the language.

AS = Associated Students, a non-state funded, non-profit organization paid for by undergraduate fees including dozens of organizations like the Academic Affairs Board, Coastal Fund and The Bottom Line

AS Senate = AS Senate (previously Legislative Council), a group of elected representatives serving as the policy-making body of AS

IVP = Internal Vice President

EVPLA = External Vice President of Local Affairs

EVPSA = External Vice President of Statewide Affairs, UCSB’s statewide student representative

VCSA = Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

OSA = Office of the Student Advocate; assists students accused of violating the University Code of Student Conduct

UCOP = University of California Office of the President; system-wide headquarters of the University of California which manages the fiscal and business operations and supports the campuses academic/research missions

BCC = Boards, Committees and Commissions; the universal term applied to the organizations that make up AS

IVCRC = Isla Vista Community Relations Committee; the AS committee that works to promote and educate the IV community

SIRRC = Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee

Comm on Comm = Committee on Committees; the committee that oversees all the other committees