Café Equilibrium: The New Crepes In Town


Kiara Jackson
Staff Writer

Photo by Haley Paul

Want a crepe that will have you wanting more? Or a crepe that is cooked to perfection? Café Equilibrium seems to be the new place to go for great crepes. Crepe eatery Café Equilibrium had its grand opening on Saturday, Feb. 11 in its brand new location on Pardall next to IV Deli.

It was essential to try the café’s main fare: a crepe, in order to give the place a proper culinary rating. So I tried the Nutella crepe with bananas.

The artistic design of the crepe first caught my eye. It was drizzled with chocolate and lightly sprinkled with powered sugar, with a slice of banana to add the finishing touch. It certainly looked like a masterpiece, but did it taste like one?

As I took a bite of my Nutella crepe, its texture was amazing, not over or under-cooked. It was just right. Also, the Nutella did not overpower the entire taste of the crepe. There were banana slices throughout the crepe, which were able to balance out the Nutella spread. In each bite, the Nutella oozed in my mouth, mixing perfectly with both the texture of the crepe and the slices of fresh banana. The entire concoction was delicious and fulfilling.

I was also pleased that I was able to cut the crepe with ease. The crepe kept its consistency and shape, as it should, instead of falling apart in a soggy mess.

Besides the Nutella crepe, Café Equilibrium houses a wide variety of crepes and other items. Its crepes are categorized into two sections. One section is comprised of sweet crepes. This means you can get plain crepes with toppings of sugar, lemon, honey or cinnamon, Nutella crepes with bananas or strawberries or peanut butter crepes with bananas, honey and ice cream. The other section is savory crepes. Toppings include chicken, pesto, salmon, hummus and more.

“The savory crepes are really good,” said Michael Gillooly, a fourth-year political science major. “I had the chicken and pesto crepe.”

Other items on the menu include milk shakes, ice cream, iced drinks and coffees.

Café Equilibrium’s reasonable prices should be pleasing to a college student living on a tight budget. My Nutella crepe with bananas was $3.99 and the chicken pesto crepe was $5.99. The majority of the sweet crepes are $3.99 and most savory crepes are $4.99. Their crepes are deliciously meal-sized, so students will also definitely get their money’s worth.

One thing to note is that Café Equilibrium’s atmosphere could be considered cozy by some, yet crowded by others. When I walked into the café, immediately I felt a little constrained. With less than 20 people in the café, the café was packed. There were three sitting areas in the café, which took up a large portion of the building. The rest of the building was occupied by the refrigerator, ice cream stand and employee work station.

However, the café’s vibrant decor made up for its lack of space. The walls were painted bright orange, which was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and made up for the small space to eat.

The Nutella crepe I tried from Café Equilibrium was fantastic, so I imagine that the other crepes and other items on the menu are equally as good. I will definitely be back to try the other items on the menu.