Former KCSB Director Cathy Murrillo Elected to Santa Barbara City Council


Tim Fucci

AS Beat Reporter

[Wednesday Nov. 9, 3:45 pm update]: The City of Santa Barbara has released the semi-offical results to this year’s vote-by-mail city council election. Incumbents Dale Francisco and Randy Rowse will maintain their seats on the city council, but all eyes are on former KCSB Director Cathy Murrillo, who finished in second place with 8,289 votes to become the first Latina to serve on the Santa Barbara City Council.

Michael Self, who finished in fifth place behind Iya Falcone, was the only incumbent in the 10 candidate election not to retain a seat. Falcone narrowly missed nabbing a spot in the top three, trailing behind Rowse by 200 votes.
A total of 18,387 votes were cast, accounting for 41.26% of registered voters in Santa Barbara.
Here is a breakdown of the results from this year’s election:
-Dale Franciso: 8,334 votes, or 15.86%
-Cathy Murrillo: 8,289 votes, or 15.77%
-Randy Rowse: 8,092 votes, or 15.40%
-Iya Flacone: 7,874 votes, or 14.98%
-Michael Self: 7,381 votes, or 14.04%
-Deborah Schwartz: 7,142 votes, or 13.59%
-Sharon Byrne: 2,972 votes, or 5.57%
-Sebastian Aldana, Jr.: 1,084 votes, or 2.06%
-Cruzito Cruz: 981 votes, or 1.87%
-Jerry Matteo: 449 votes, or 0.85%


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