An Android Approach to the iPhone 4S

Peter Chisom Jr.

Wow! The iPhone 4S! Yippee!

BS. That’s not what I wanted. I’ve stayed off of the Apple bandwagon for as long as possible. I’ve been a PC man for years. I listen to my music on my phone and not on an iPod. I’ve been on AT&T for five years and I’ve been using Android ever since I’ve owned a smart phone. However, after all this time, I was thinking about picking up the iPhone 5.

I’d been reading rumors on the Internet. The intrigue and mystery about the new Apple product grew by the day. From leaked internal documents to blurry pictures strewn across the web, the question of what the iPhone 5 was going to be.

The operating system, iOS, has grown up. It started out as a sleek yet feature-lacking smart phone operating system. Now, however, it lacks very little. The introduction of the new notification system, complete Twitter integration and the new iMessage chat make iOS 5 virtually complete. But I wanted the new hardware to go with it.

So when the new Apple CEO Tim Cook, took to the stage Oct. 4 to “talk about the iPhone,” I was excited. I followed a live stream of the event and had my web browser set to auto refresh. The show started. They talked about Macs, the iPad, iPods, iOS 5 and finally, the iPhone 4S.

The new features in the iPhone were pretty cool. It has the same processor and graphics that were in the iPad. A 1080p camera. Siri, a voice activated digital assistant. Lastly, Sprint is finally getting the iPhone! The underdog can finally get their hands on a piece of the Apple pie.

“Awesome,” I thought to myself, “the iPhone 5 must be even more bad ass than this!” Would it feature a new form factor? Would it come with Near field communication? Knowing Apple, it would be amazing! But no. Two hours after the event started it drew to a close with the iPhone 4S. Not one hint of a brand new phone, just an upgraded version of last year’s model.

Thanks Apple. I had finally thought about converting. I was going to take my baby steps into the iWorld. I wasn’t wowed. I wasn’t blown away. I’ve always been interested but I wanted that special something to finally push me over the edge. The iPhone 4S was not that something. Maybe next year Apple will introduce the iPhone 5, but who knows. Until then though I will not be purchasing the current variant.

I think I’ll go buy the Galaxy S II instead.

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