Transportation is Easy, Even Without a Car


Victoria Hungerford
Web Editor

Transportation is always an interesting adventure once arriving to UCSB.  You won’t have to pay for the buses after you have a registration sticker on your campus ID.  All you have to do is flash the id to the bus driver and you’ll be able to ride any of the MTD busses.  Here are a couple helpful hints for locating your way around the transportation options around our area.

The buses that stop at the campus bus loop (by Kerr hall) are 11, 24x, 27, and 25. Visiting allows you to figure out when the buses are coming and how far they will travel.  You can also print out bus schedules and bus maps to help figure out what bus you will need.

Amtrak is a practical option for traveling.  There is a train station in Goleta, so you do not have to go to downtown Santa Barbara to catch an Amtrak train. Visit for train schedules and prices.  You do not have to buy a ticket online and can buy one on the train if you’re running late, although you will be charged an extra fee. You can also buy monthly flat fee tickets and 10-ride multi-tickets for a better bargain if you plan on travelling often. Amtrak is a great way to talk to interesting people and taking the Pacific Surfliner Train from Santa Barbara towards San Diego is absolutely beautiful.  Snag a sea view seat if you can.

Greyhound buses are located in downtown Santa Barbara and you can easily access them by taking the 24x, which will end at the transportation transit center, next door to the Greyhound station.

Craigslist is an easy way to find carpools.  If you’re heading up to the bay area this may be a great option for you and may save you a lot of money on train tickets because gas money split between passengers is generally cheaper.

Santa Barbara Airport offers quick transportation. There are non-stop flights available to Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. Visit for complete listing of flights and prices.

After a one time fee of $35, zipcars are available to rent on campus for $8 an hour or $66 a day. This rental fee includes all gas and insurance for up to 180 miles a day.

Photo By: Hannah Peterson, Content Editor