Celebrating Earth Day
by Rayma Montero


Over two hundred students and community members, including parents and kids, gathered at Anisq’oyo park on Saturday April 19 for a sweet outdoor festival and celebration, also known as Earth Day-held to keep environmentalism at the forefront of everybody’s minds. ‘Stay Conscious’ was their logo.

Drums were playing on this sunny day while people sat on the grass covering the entire park. Many were standing on the edges of the grass and enjoying a nice cold beer. Girls in their bikini tops and guys without shirts moved to the rhythm of the bands playing on stage. There was a few people who got up to dance, but when the reggae band came up, the whole front of the stage was packed with people dancing and drinking beer. There was a schedule on a green chalkboard listing out the line up of the different performances: Isla Vista Belly dancers (tribal mystics), Black Velvet Sun, Kina Grannis, Boombox Orchestra, Hoover Dan, Fuzzy logic, Out of State, Other Nature and Apple Pie Hopes.

Among these performances, there were also booths selling jewelry and clothes as well as other fun activities. While some people were chilling, others were throwing corn tortillas through the crowd, dancing, or going around socializing with friends and introducing themselves to strangers. Some brought their dogs and snakes and others brought their skateboards. Between bands there were several speakers, including Doreen Farr, an Isla Vista environmentalist. Her main message was,“Reduce pollution; preserve our public land.” She also asked the crowd to vote for measure V. Measure V is the Santa Barbara City College Improvement Measure on the June 3, 2008 ballot. Measure V asks voters to approve a $77.2 million bond that will qualify SBCC for up to $92 million in state matching funds for eleven projects. Ten of these projects involve renovation of existing facilities. One project will provide the required SBCC funding for a School of Media Arts facility to house existing high tech career programs. This environmentally sustainable, LEED certified building has been planned for many years and has been approved by the California Coastal Commission.

From noon to 8pm, Earth Day reminded people to be more environmentally conscious, aware the earth, and to practice sustainability.